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Clever Ways to Scale Back on Sugar

Do you ever track your daily sugar consumption? The majority of us probably don’t. Avoiding sugar takes a concerted effort since it’s added to so many foods and beverages. In fact, many products contain multiple sweeteners. While you may not want to delete sugar entirely, scaling back has many wellness benefits. These tips can help: Learn more here.

How to Avoid Common Food Preservatives

Are you an avid label reader when grocery shopping? It’s a smart tactic, as many commercial food products contain preservatives and other additives. While food manufacturers claim additives are necessary to prevent food from spoiling, some are safer than others. If you’re interested in a naturally healthy diet, it’s worth learning about the most common food preservatives, and how to avoid them: Learn more here.

Kids Breakfast Essentials

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and with good reason. Nourishing morning fare fuels children’s bodies and brains, boosts energy and metabolism, and anchors blood-sugar levels so that kids can function well mentally, physically, and emotionally─all of which helps to maximize their daily academic experience. If a healthy, daily breakfast poses a challenge in your home, consider these suggestions: Learn more here.

5 Best Beverages for Kids

While many wellness-conscious parents focus on promoting healthy foods to kids, how about drinks? Some experts feel that American kids have a “drinking problem” when it comes to sweetened beverages, which may factor into growing rates of childhood obesity. Learn more here.

5 Processed Food Ingredients to Avoid

While many of us would prefer daily homemade meals consisting of fresh, whole foods, long, hectic days may necessitate a few short cuts. That’s when busy families often turn to processed foods. That might be a frozen entrée, boxed meal kit, canned soup, or even a protein bar in a pinch. Learn more here.

Outdoor Fitness Basics

The great outdoors offers numerous fitness pursuits, like cycling, jogging, surfing, kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, skateboarding, and horseback riding, to name a few. There are many steps you can take to ensure a healthy, safe, fun experience. Learn more here.

5 Unique Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

In these warm, beautiful summer months, few things are as tempting as getting outdoors. Something about the notion of “going out to play” appeals to the kid in all of us! So, why not maximize your opportunities during the remainder of this golden season? Along with picnics, swimming, and BBQs, these ideas offer additional inspiration for fun in the sun: Learn more here.

How to Reconnect Kids with Nature

Does your family spend much time outdoors? Sadly, it’s nearly a lost art for many of us, with parents and kids indoors all day for work and school. But that can change! If you want to strengthen your child’s connection with nature, these ideas can help: Learn more here.

Best Outdoor Vacations: USA

Since many of us spend the majority of our waking hours in classrooms, offices, or other indoor work zones, it’s no wonder we periodically dream of getting away from it all. Outdoor vacations are a fabulous way to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit! Ready to create your dream itinerary? These fun ideas are sure to inspire: Learn more here.

Smart Gardening Tips

Do you cultivate a garden? The beauty of planting your own fruits and veggies is that every season has something new to offer. Summer gardens have a unique allure, however, given the optimal growing conditions and consistent sunshine. And it’s hard to beat that gorgeous summer produce! These tips will help inspire you! Learn more here.

Outdoor Health & Beauty Essentials

Do you love the great outdoors? If so, summer is probably among your favorite seasons. As enjoyable as open air pursuits are, we also need to take care of ourselves and our children along the way, which requires some planning. These “essentials” can help you enjoy your time outside─beautifully and safely. Learn more here.

How to Host a Perfect BBQ

Festive BBQ parties are among the great joys of summer. So how can you host a winner? Planning ahead is key, so on party day, you’re simply assembling the components─and grilling of course! These tips can help ensure a smashing success! Learn more here.

Fun, Low-Cost Outdoor Pursuits

It’s summer time, and the living is easy. While a European vacation might be nice, this is the best time of the year to play close to home without breaking the bank. These ideas for cheap, outdoor fun for kids of all ages may inspire you: Learn more here.

Navigating Milk Alternatives

Milk serves many purposes for the average American, so if dairy is out, you need alternatives. Fortunately, the problem isn’t finding an alternative to cow’s milk; rather it’s navigating through the sea of options! Learn more here.

Best Non-Dairy Calcium Sources

Most Americans are brought up to believe that milk and other dairy products are essential foods, due in part to the calcium they contain. Yet many other cultures consume little or no dairy, and often live longer, healthier lives than Americans on average. Learn more here.

How to Avoid Hidden Dairy

Lactose-intolerant individuals can make a concerted effort to remove dairy products from their diets, yet still occasionally experience uncomfortable symptoms after a meal or beverage. What gives? Learn more here.

Best Non-Dairy Treats

If you, or someone you love, is lactose intolerant or allergic to cow’s milk, you may have declared your home a dairy-free zone. If so, you’re probably working on safely reconfiguring family meals, snacks, school lunches, holiday feasts, and of course, desserts. Learn more here.

How to Raise Kids Dairy-Free

Does milk “do a body good?” Maybe not, if one is lactose intolerant. This is a major issue for many people─especially those from certain ethic/racial groups such as African-American, Jewish, Native Indian, and Asian-American. Learn more here.

The Truth About Lactose Intolerance

While most people are familiar with the term lactose intolerance, not everyone is sure exactly what it means. Learning more about the topic can help people who may not respond well to dairy products in their diets, without clearly understanding why. Learn more here!

Dairy-Free Shopping Tips

June is National Dairy Alternative Month, acknowledging the growing number of Americans who choose a dairy-free lifestyle. Although we’ve all heard the advertising slogan “every body needs milk,” it turns out that not every body can actually tolerate it. Learn more here.