Mambo Staff

Matthew A. Saline, President and CEO

Matthew A. Saline

Matthew (Matt) A. Saline is the entrepreneur behind Mambo Sprouts–America’s leading natural and organic marketing company. In April 1996, during a visit to a local natural foods store, Saline noticed that there were no in-store promotional programs geared toward the natural and/or organic consumer. Approximately one year later, the lawyer-turned-marketing-guru launched Mambo Sprouts with the concept of applying traditional mass-market product and retail promotional programs to the growing natural and organic market. Saline now manages the large-scale marketing and publishing operation that creates and distributes Mambo Sprouts’ quarterly online and offline newsletters, client-branded newsletters and in-store promotional programs. He also runs the company’s research arm that turns information gleaned from the promotional programs and MamboTrack, an online survey engine, into actionable consumer insight. And of course, as the company leader, he is also its top salesperson. Saline calls Philadelphia home.

Matthew Campbell, Vice President

Matthew Campbell

Matt (AKA: Campbell, Cam) joined the Mambo crew in February 2003. He was brought on board to assist in the Retail Program. Campbell was named Vice President in 2008, and has his hands full in every aspect of the company. Pre Mambo, Matthew worked in market research where he was responsible for developing and analyzing product usage, packaging consumption, concept shelf impression tests, focus groups and surveys for clients such as Campbell’s Soup, PepsiCo.
Matthew is an active member of the Sierra Club, a die hard four for four Philadelphia sports fan, and in his spare time he enjoys history, archaeology, playing golf, softball and spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter.

JoAnn Carson, Director of Production
Taralynn Ross, Creative Director
Christine C., Production Coordinator
Maria M., Coordinator
Rob R., Key Account Executive
Penthy de G., Graphic Designer
Tracy S., Digital Media Specialist
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