10 Recipes for Kids from Foodie Mom Bloggers

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This summer, make the most of that extra time with the kids by getting them into the kitchen! Kids need to learn life skills like cooking and baking – and it never hurts for parents to get some practice! Plus, when kids cook something, they’re much more likely to eat it. So we’ve found these ten kid-friendly recipes that are delicious, healthy and easy enough that kids will actually have fun in the kitchen! Try them all this summer season.

  • The Well-Rounded Mama: Chocolate Chip Scones Scrumptious scones! There’s nothing like a sweet, homemade pastry to bring the family together.
    “Find three cute kids in aprons to help you; Make sure they all get a turn to stir; Convince them not to eat the dough or pick out the chocolate chips while you are rolling them out.”
  • Working Mom Chris Jordan’s Easy Peach Cobbler (Gluten-Free) Mmm… What’s more of a comfort food than peach cobbler? Create sweet memories as you mix and bake!
    “Your children can make this entirely by themselves. And it is delicious. As a matter of fact, I hid the leftovers so that I could have it all for myself. What? Don’t judge me! You have done the same thing.”

  • The Kids Cook Monday: Herbed Chicken with Garlicky Spinach Gotta give kids credit for this one – it’ll look (and taste) like something from a gourmet restaurant!
    “The idea behind this concept is to make Monday an eating right, family night where families take the time to cook and eat together for better nutrition and greater communication.”
  • Meal Makeover Mom’s Banana Split Smoothie For Teens Got a group of teens with nothing to do? Set them to work in the kitchen on these yummy smoothies and listen to the laughter.
    “It’s no surprise that most teenage boys and girls choose bagels over blueberries and crackers over carrots. Given their super busy lives – sports, homework, music lessons – they have a tendency to grab for quick and convenient carbs, leaving nutritious fruits and vegetables in their wake.”
  • Eliana Cooks Mexican Chicken Tostadas This cute, little chef has her own “cooking show”. She’ll show you and your kids how to make these tostadas – muy delicioso!
    “Bienvenidos! Welcome! I recently came back from vacation in Cancun, Mexico and was inspired to create a Mexican dish. In this video, I make chicken tostadas.”
  • Corporate Mom Dropouts’ Kids Cook Meals: Dinner for Dad Who doesn’t love a surprise? This can be a surprise for either Mom or Dad, or even a grandparent or other special guest.
    “I designed this recipe in particular so that they could assemble and cook an entire meal as a surprise for Daddy, and do so safely and easily. Since there are no knives needed, it’s easy for them to put this whole meal together for me to pop in the oven.”
  • Foodie Tots’ Kids Cook Monday: Strawberry Cream Tart Children of all ages will be delighted with this recipe, especially when they’re enjoying the final result!
    “A tart is a fairly fool-proof pastry to make with younger kids. And if you, say, haven’t yet unpacked the food processor, a little child labor comes in handy in combining the flour and butter with a pastry blender.”
  • Creative Homemaking Kids In The Kitchen: Apple Roll Recipe Even the pickiest kid is sure to enjoy creating their very own apple-roll creation. They can add almost anything they want, which means they’re more likely to get that serving of fruit today.
    “With three little ones, age three and under, it can be a task. So I let them experiment and play around a bit with this one.”

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