14 Creative Ways To Get Kids To Eat Their Veggies

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We asked: “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to get kids to eat their vegetables?”

And you answered! Here are 15 great tips we received from our very own Mambo community!

Jill N.: “I put baby food veggies into their mac and cheese; I put pureed spinach into their brownies, I am the master of mixing veggies into things!”

Rochelle D.: “Some nutrients are not properly released without cooking. You just want to avoid over cooking. I mix them in casseroles and pasta dishes, like spinach in my lasagna. My 3 year old loves it.”

Amy S.: “… you can add raw purees. I puree spinach and blueberries raw and add it to all sorts of things. Chill, spaghetti sauce, cocoa pancakes. I still give them veggies at their meals, but don’t have to make WWIII out of it when I know they are getting some snuck in there. Dip helps a lot at my house. Lots and lots of dip.”

Chrystal L.: “…This year we are getting our produce through a CSA program and I have found that taking the kids to the farmers market to pick up the produce and going through it together at home, they are more likely to try it.”

Amy N.: “I have my daughter help me…at the farmers market or grocery store I let her help choose. I let her stir the veggies. I let her play with the salad spinner when we are washing greens. I give her a little veggies and a pan so she can ‘cook’ her own veggies.”

Sara D.: “We make green smoothies with spinach and chard.”

Michelle G.: “I made homemade baby food when my daughter was younger. Started her off with Avocado then moved her up from there. I didn’t do the traditional cereal thing. I believe that if you start your child off with “the real stuff” instead of processed baby food, that your child’s palate is actually more diverse since there’s no need to fortify the food with nutrients after it’s been cooked down to nothing. For Jill – I would say try steaming fresh veggies then pureeing them and mixing it in with food if your child won’t eat it as is…it’s healthier and more nutritious. Good luck!!”

Genevieve W.: “Made an ‘alfredo’ sauce for their pasta, using mostly pureed cauliflower for the “milk” and added a bunch of spinach and pureed it again. We called it “alien slime pasta” and they gobbled it right up!*

Niki Forbes: “My daughter protested and threw all her veggies on the floor while seated in her highchair for dinner. She got a kick out of watching the dog and the cat gobble them up. When I got her out of her chair, she joined them. I let her eat the veggies off the floor. Glad we aren’t scared of germs! Perhaps I am a terrible mother?”

Jennifer H.: “Followed recipes in ’Sneaky Chef!”

Lorrie R.: “I called green beans ‘ganda fries.’ It worked.”

Tanya M.: “My nephews love beans…just as long as they are called smelly stinky fart beans”

Judy K.: “We used to make up silly songs about fruits & vegetables. Who could forget the “eat your banana” song a la Carmen Miranda?”

momstownEdmS: “Pureed them and mixed them in with noodles…and called it macaroni!”

Want more creative ideas? We recommend The Sneaky Chef - this book is filled with recipes ideas and tips to hiding healthy food in kids meals!

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