5 Healthy Summer Habits to Maintain Year Round

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As you enjoy the last weeks of summer, do you wonder if you might extend that happiness in the coming months? While warm weather may not be a year-round option, much of what brightens summertime can be applied to any season. For example, many people tend to live healthier lives in the sunny months. So why let go of those behaviors as the temperature drops? You’ll optimize both daily joy and wellness by sticking to these 5 healthy summer habits─all year long:

Fresh, seasonal foods

Bountiful, dewy-fresh produce is a definite summer highlight─think vine ripened tomatoes, sweet basil, and succulent berries─but every season has special fruits and vegetables just waiting to be appreciated. Make it a point this year to maximize them all. You’ll be inspired by this guide to the best seasonal produce throughout the year:


Proper hydration

While hot weather calls for icy coolers, drinking enough healthy fluids is essential every month of the year. Staying well hydrated will help each and every organ in your body function more efficiently, promote healthy digestion, boost energy─and even help you stay svelte. Studies show that since your body often mistakes thirst for hunger, drinking your 8 daily glasses helps you confine eating to when you’re genuinely hungry.

Play time

Summer and romping go hand in hand. But you needn’t let “back to school” mode close the door on play time. How about dedicating one day each week or month to just plain fun? You can enjoy those park frolics, picnics, beach visits, and family hikes while weather permits, then experiment with some new cool weather activities and indoor games when that time comes. Play all year long? Great idea!

A fit lifestyle

While some games and sports are summer-friendly, you can be active throughout the year virtually anywhere. Refreshed fitness is one reason people feel so much better in summer, so give yourself that gift every day of your life─regardless of weather. Yoga or Pilates classes, health clubs, outdoor family play and cold weather sports are all great options. Why not maintain a trim physique and healthy vitality all year?


Summer may be vacation season, but you can “escape” for mini-vacations any month of the year. Since time away helps you decompress, release tension, and refresh your perspective, it makes sense to avail yourself of those benefits rain or shine. You can take advantage of long weekends and kid’s school breaks to visit family in other areas, explore new sights and cultural events in your region─or even access some tropical splendor if your budget permits.

Ideally you now feel like you have a whole new lease on a fit, happy lifestyle─in any season. Live it up healthy! You and your family deserve it.

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