5 Keys to a Healthy Vegetarian Family

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5 Keys to a Healthy Vegetarian Family

Are you transitioning towards more meat-free family meals? If so, you might agree that no matter how well informed one is, the vegetarian family experience is a continual journey. The more you learn about making it work for everyone, the smoother your path will be. These tips can help:

Educate your loved ones

The best way to get your family comfortable with plant-based eating is to share your reasons for offering it. It’s often easier than you think to help kids understand─especially if they love animals and nature. If you happened to miss it, check out our feature on 20 fabulous reasons to go vegetarian here: http://www.mambosprouts.com/blog/20-fabulous-reasons-to-go-vegetarian/

Accommodate different food preferences

No matter what eating style you embrace, everyone has their preferences. Whether you’re housing toddlers, a teen athlete, or a stressed-out CEO, beautifully satisfying, meat-free options abound. While it may take some trial and error, aim for at least 5 rotating meals that the whole tribe enjoys. Ready for 178 delicious, family-friendly, vegetarian recipes? Visit: http://allrecipes.com/Recipes/Healthy-Recipes/Main-Dishes/Vegetarian/ViewAll.aspx

Provide a variety of options

Whether your family consists of vegans, vegetarians, transitioning omnivores─or, in some cases, all three─a range of entrées is ideal. Think make-your-own taco/tostada spreads, sandwich bars, baked potatoes and toppings, or pasta with a few different sauces. A winning start to any meal is the French crudité platter. Simply assemble a colorful array of fresh veggies with several different dressings. How about trying some ethnic entrées? Visit http://www.ethnicvegan.com/ for luscious, healthy recipes from numerous global regions.

Get everyone involved

The more others participate, the more they’ll enjoy the meals. It’s very satisfying to prepare good, healthy food together, which is why the French often make it a social event. Even tots can pick herbs, wash veggies, etc. Chaps that like to BBQ are especially handy, as many veggies, fruits and plant-based protein items─like tofu, tempeh, Portabella or bean burgers, soy dogs, and more─are scrumptious when grilled.

Make it fun

Would you not agree that meals should be fun? The key is staying positive, even when challenges arise, like difficult restaurants, holiday dinners with non-vegetarians, road trips, etc. Get prepared! Tote along healthy, vegetarian snacks when your family is on the go, and when visiting others, ask if you can bring a dish─one that your family can enjoy along with the non-meat sides you’ll likely find at most events.

With these simple tips, you should find that nourishing your tribe deliciously─and sustainably─is easier than you might have thought, and enjoyable too. Bon appétit!

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