5 Quick Tips for Going Raw

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Considering going raw? Here are some quick tips and tricks if you’re looking into the raw food lifestyle:

1. Start with one raw meal a day. A salad of raw ingredients or raw breakfast smoothie are great examples of how you can start eating one raw meal a day as the first step on your journey to the raw diet. Here’s a great recipe video we recently found for Raw Baba Ganoush, by the Health Renegade Food Show. Be sure to visit their great blog and their Youtube channel for more great recipes and advice on living a healthy lifestyle!

2. Get ready to soak and sprout! Soaking and sprouting legumes and grains will help your body better digest uncooked food. Raw means uncooked but soaking and sprouting are still allowed on a raw diet.

3. Funky fermentation. Ever tried fermented foods? Real homemade pickles, traditional sauerkraut, or kimchi? Learning how to ferment food and enjoy its sour taste with every meal will help your digestive system handle the new terrain that is raw food. Fermented foods are packed with nutrition and probiotics!

4. Keep the balance. Going raw is easier with fruits and vegetables than it is with crucial protein and fat sources. Look for cold pressed oils, seeds and nuts to help keep the balance that your body needs!

5. Break out of the comfort zone. Spinach strawberry smoothies every day for the rest of your life? Bust out of that rut by trying something new every time you shop for groceries. Stay focused on getting out of the comfort zone before you pick up the same old stuff. What about seaweed, star fruit or chia seeds?

Want more tips on going raw? Check out our list of links!

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