Baby Safety Month – Carry with Care

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baby safetySeptember is Baby Safety Month─sponsored annually by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). JPMA initiated Baby Safety Month to educate parents and caregivers on the importance of the safe use/selection of baby products. Since many families like to be on the move with their wee ones, this year JPMA is emphasizing the importance of safely using soft infant carriers, frame carriers, and slings. For example:

Soft infant carriers

Soft infant carriers are typically designed so that your baby can ride on your chest, facing inward or outward, or on your back or hip, and have adjustable settings to help distribute your baby’s weight across your back and shoulders. When using them, make sure:

  • Baby’s face is visible at all time.
  • Always make sure your baby has plenty of airflow.
  • A carrier should only be used when walking with the baby.
  • Be extra cautious of tripping hazards while walking with baby in the carrier.
  • Attend to and check on baby often. Find more tips here

Frame Infant Carriers

Frame infant carriers─which are designed to contain a child in an upright position on the back of the caregiver─work well for many families. Keep these tips in mind when using them:

  • A frame style carrier can be used when baby can sit up unassisted.
  • Frame carriers should not be used for transporting baby in a car or on a bicycle.
  • Be sure baby’s weight is evenly distributed and all safety straps are secured.
  • Choose a model with a stable support stand so you can prop it up while putting your child in or taking them out.
  • Protect baby from the elements with the provided canopy, sunscreen (if older than 6 months), hat, and eye protection. Learn more here

Slings, Wraps, and Other “Baby Wear”

When using slings and wraps, your baby should be in the same position in which you would hold him in your arms. Additionally:

  • Check your baby’s position by embracing him after settling him into the sling or wrap; his position should not shift significantly in your embrace.
  • Make sure baby’s face is visible at all times, and he/she has plenty of airflow.
  • Slings and wraps should not be used for transporting baby in a car or on a bicycle.
  • Read and follow all manufacturers’ instructions for use and age/weight recommendations. Get more tips here

No doubt, raising a sweet, helpless baby is a massive responsibility. But you do have many resources to help ensure those precious early years are happy and healthy. With these tips, you can enjoy fun, productive days with your little one─comfortably and safely.

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