Best Non-Dairy Treats

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If you, or someone you love, is lactose intolerant or allergic to cow’s milk, you may have declared your home a dairy-free zone. If so, you’re probably working on safely reconfiguring family meals, snacks, school lunches, holiday feasts, and of course, desserts.

This can take some time─and even a bit of trial and error─but once you accumulate an array of tasty, dairy-free alternatives, you can relax, knowing that your loved ones will be happy, well nourished, and comfortable.

Some people avoiding lactose and casein (milk protein) seem to have an especially difficult time giving up items like ice cream, pudding, milkshakes, and certain baked goods. The trick is finding clever replacements for those traditionally dairy-based foods.

Let’s start with items you can make yourself. In baking, butter is a primary component. Fortunately, you can easily swap it out for non-dairy baking sticks, such as those offered by Earth Balance. This zero-dairy alternative, which works better than many butter substitutes that can separate and break down, enables you to create light muffins, flaky pie crusts, delicate cakes, and irresistible cookies.

These recipes for dairy-free gems such as Killer Pumpkin Pie, Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti, Big Soft Ginger Cookies, and Strawberry-Rhubarb Sauce (great over dairy-free vanilla ice cream!) will surely inspire: Or consider such vegan (egg and dairy-free) confections as Chocolate Cheesecake, Mexican Wedding Cookies, Fudge, and more:

Too busy to bake? Most natural food stores carry dairy-free cookies, cakes, etc. If you prefer frozen goodies, you’ll also typically find a range of sumptuous, dairy-free options like:

  • Ben and Jerry’s Doonesberry Sorbet.
  • Tree of Life Better Than Ice Cream.
  • Breyers/Good Humor No Sugar Added Popsicles and Ice Pops.
  • Dole Fruit Juice Variety & No Sugar Added Fruit ‘N Juice Bars in Coconut, Lime, Raspberry, or Strawberry, as well as Sorbet Cups.
  • Purely Decadent Soy Delicious non-dairy frozen desserts in Cherry Nirvana, Choc Obsession, Mocha Almond Fudge, Praline Pecan, Peanut Butter Zig Zag, Swinging Anna Banana, Turtle Tracks, Vanilla, and Vanilla Swiss Almond.
  • Rice Dream from Imagine Foods, with smashing flavors like Chocolate, Cappuccino, Carob Almond, Cocoa Marble Fudge, Orange Vanilla Swirl, Strawberry, Neapolitan, and Pralines ‘n Dream.
  • Sweet Nothings from Soy Delicious. Try Creamy Vanilla, Fudge Raspberry Mango, Praline Pecan, Peanut Butter Zig Zag, or Cherry Nirvana.

With alternatives like these, who’ll miss the dairy? Mmmm. Enjoy in good health!

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