Celebrate the Green—Made in the U.S.A.

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If you love beautiful things, but also live a planet-friendly lifestyle, you may be on the quest for special items that are also green─such as recycled, upcycled, sustainable, compostable, and/or biodegradable alternatives. Can you accomplish all of this and still support American workers? Yes! In fact, more U.S. companies are “going green” than ever before, resulting in a terrific range of options for the conscientious consumer. For example:

All USA Clothing offers a line of affordable bamboo/cotton garments that are manufactured with as small an ecological footprint as possible. Bamboo is a highly renewable grass, with natural antibacterial properties. Also, bamboo fabric “breathes” and is biodegradable.

Cangles creates jewelry for people of all ages from recycled aluminum beverage cans, reclaimed textiles, LPs and CDs. They also design custom bracelets for the Save the Earth Foundation, helping to fund important environmental research and education efforts.

Home Goods
White Lotus Home offers a host of luxurious, organic bedding and home goods, all handcrafted in the USA by skilled, creative artisans. The company states that, above all, their people, products and business practices are socially, politically and environmentally responsible.

Toys and Games

  • Green Toys Inc: This company offers a wide range of recycled BPA-free plastic toys and other fun, colorful kid items. They created the world’s first bioplastic toys, 100% Made in the USA – http://www.greentoys.com/
  • Kid Bean: This online boutique of earth-friendly, labor-friendly, vegan baby and children’s products is impressive. Kid Bean’s founder─a passionate environmentalist and conscientious mother─meticulously researches every company/product they sell – www.kidBean.com
  • Multiple categories:
    Rebel Green was born out of the determination to design chic, edgy, eco-friendly items for men, women and children. Find totes and produce bags, family lunch boxes, organic cotton tees─even a fruit and veggie wash – www.rebelgreen.com
  • Another resource too good to miss is the Happy Hippie─a comprehensive business directory that includes clothing, shoes, hemp goods, nutritional supplements, toys, gifts, food, garden, jewelry, music, books, bath and body, and much more – http://www.happyhippie.com/directory/

    GreenProductsandGifts.com is a family owned eco-business dedicated to selling earth friendly products made in the USA. From its inception, the founders realized that while it’s crucial to recycle, purchasing products made with recycled materials completes the recycling loop – http://www.greenproductsandgifts.com/

While this is only a sampling, it should definitely get you started. Go green─buy U.S.A.!

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  • MaryNo Gravatar

    I wanted to add that I recently was gifted a clothes drying rack. It was made in the USA from a small family run business. I was very pleased with how it looks and its functionality.

    Best for me is that it helps me be greener while supporting the us economy.

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