7 Ways to Drive Green

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the United States is making great strides in air pollution, and we are in much better shape than we were several years ago. In fact, it would take 20 of today’s new cars to release the same amount of emissions from a 1960 model. And over the past four years, over 100,000 hybrid cars have been purchased! That being said, Mother Earth still needs our help. Follow these simple tips, and if everyone pitches in, we’ll be in even better shape in a few years than we are today!

1. Purchase a hybrid car.

Hybrid vehicles reduce emissions and improve gas mileage. Check out the Yahoo! Green Center to find the most environmentally friendly models. www.autos.yahoo.com/green_center.com Other perks of owning a hybrid include tax credits and hybrid only parking spots!

2. Move your feet.

Walk, ride a bike or take the train when your car isn’t needed.

3. Carpool

Not only will you save money on gas and tolls, but you will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Use Cruise Control

It maintains a constant flow of fuel to your engine, making it more fuel efficient.

5. Observe the Speed Limit

When you drive faster than 60mph, you’re lowering your fuel efficiency and gas money. Plus, who wants a speeding ticket?

6. Check the Air in Your Tires

If the pressure is low in your tires, you’re reducing gas mileage.

7.  Combine Errands into One Trip

Cutting a 20 mile trip out of your schedule each week can reduce your global warming pollution by more than 1,200 pounds a year and save you over $100 in gas expenses.

These are just small steps that you can take to bring about positive change for the environment. What are you doing to drive “green”? If you have ideas or tips that you would like to share on how you drive green, post them here!

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