The (Green) Beach Reads

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Even if you don’t have easy access to sand and surf, these books can keep you company while you relax in your backyard or on your roof top deck.

Cleaning Green:
Clean House Clean Planet by Karen Logan
Keeping a sparkling clean home doesn’t have to mean saturating it with harmful chemicals. Keep your home and everyone in it (not to mention the planet) as healthy as you can with this guide to natural housekeeping. The Shopping List on page 39 is especially helpful. Instead of producing a headache-inducing chemical smell, these methods will result in a refreshed environment inside your home and beyond.

If this was already on your book club list, try: Organic Housekeeping by Ellen Sandbeck

Deep Green Thinking:

The Ecology of Commerce by Paul Hawken
Founder of Smith & Hawken gardening shops, Paul Hawken expounds upon his great understanding of ecology’s relationship with economy. Prepare to be inspired, as the author’s goal is clearly to challenge his readers. Rather than make light of the green movement, Hawken passionately expresses the true meaning of sustainability.

If you’ve read it and crave more, try: Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough and Michael Braungart

Creatively Green Kids & Teens:

Organic Crafts by Kimberly Monaghan
This is a source of inspiration for anyone with access to nature! Chapters like “Rocks, Pebbles and Shells” will fulfill kids’ creative needs without emptying parents’ wallets. The all natural crafts that a child or teen will produce are much more beautifully displayed in a home than any store-bought decor. Plus, kids will find interesting, new ways to preserve natural souvenirs from their summer vacations.

If they’ve been there and done that, try: Recycled Crafts Box by Laura C. Martin

We’d love to know what you have been reading this summer. Maybe we’ll add it to our recommended reading list!

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