Fair Trade Valentine Gift Ideas

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“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Fair Trade Valentine Gift Ideas

As Valentine’s Day approaches, are you considering a gift for someone special? Celebrating your love for others─including sweethearts, parents, siblings, kids, and pets─is both heart expanding and wellness boosting. You can make your gift even more meaningful by choosing fair trade. In doing so, you’re not only treating your loved ones, you’re also supporting social justice, empowering communities across the globe, and encouraging healthy environmental practices. For example:

Present a fair bouquet

From the beginning of time, flowers have been a beautiful gift, imbued with romance. It might surprise you to learn that approximately 80% of cut flowers sold in the United States are grown in Latin America, South America, and Africa, where workers are often exploited to keep costs low, leading to severe abuse and mistreatment. With fair trade farms, however, employees and communities participate in global trade with sustainability and integrity. If you prefer to “bloom fair,” check out One World Flowers.

Delight with chocolate

Not only does chocolate lighten hearts and gladden spirits, it also has many health benefits. Choosing fair trade brings that sweetness full circle. Equal Exchange offers a lovely array of chocolate bars, in irresistible flavors like Organic Mint Chocolate with a Delicate Crunch, Organic Chocolate Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt, and Organic Ecuador Dark Chocolate.  For sumptuous, fair trade chocolate truffles─including vegan options─visit CocoZen.

Give body pampering treats

Why not invite someone you love to drench their senses in pure, natural ingredients─like shea and cocoa butters, olive oil, honey, and sugar─with Fair Trade Certified beauty products? Imagine a Yoga & Meditation or Stress Soother Aromatherapy Gift Bag, or Damascus Rose Antioxidant Body Oil. Visit Badger BalmCocoZen offers fair trade, cocoa-infused body care treats too, with 14 yummy options under $10! How about some luxurious, “sustainable suds?” For every bar of soap sold, Hand in Hand donates one to impoverished countries where simple personal hygiene can save countless lives.

Dazzle with jewelry

Beautiful, unique jewelry is always a special gift. For a wide array of lovely, fair trade options priced quite reasonably─including the eye-catching Fuchsia Flow and Carmine Cascade necklaces and the Ancient Flowers earrings─visit Ten Thousand Villages. Global Girlfriend is another resource for fun, fair, and fabulous jewelry. The entire line, with a host of options under $25, benefits women worldwide. Don’t miss the fetching Amazon Harvest Coil bracelet:

Toast fair with wine

For many people, wine is a treasured offering, meant to be shared with those we love. It tastes even better when it’s fairly traded. Giving fair trade wine also enables you to educate about the importance of incorporating this socially just system into all possible arenas─well beyond the coffee cup. Delicious and fair? That’s certainly worth of toast! Check out the top 10 fair trade wines here.

These ideas should inspire and delight. Show you care while also empowering talented, deserving producers across the globe. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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