8 Simple Tips From Dr. Denise For a Healthy & Fit Year

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With the holidays behind you, the question becomes: How will you move into a life of joy, balance and health – free from overeating? Here are 8 easy ways to get started and stay motivated this year.

1. First, do a gentle cleansing.

Eliminate sugar, caffeine and white flour products from your diet, at least for a while. Stay well-hydrated. Have healthy fruits, vegetables and grains on hand to truly nourish your body. Give yourself extra sleep to start with. Plan fun activities to get some fresh air and light exercise. Remember that there are no mistakes, only lessons – and do not be hard on yourself. No one can do it perfectly, so don’t expect that you can!

2. Find a flexible, healthy eating plan that appeals to you – something you can live with long term.

Make room for your favorite foods and take your time with it. You can find healthy eating help from the Superfoods Healthy Eating Plan designed by Henry’s Farmer’s Market; it includes tips, recipes, and a meal plan. Or check out The Daily Green’s fun, interactive 30 Days to Green Your Diet – with easy-to-read, unique (and useful) tips to help you slowly, steadily build a healthier relationship with food. Both are free and really easy to use!

3. Re-adjust your exercise goals.

Instead of daily, how about starting at three or four days a week? Set your sights on long term improvement – not quick fixes. Begin with baby steps and you’ll be sprinting before you know it! FullFitness.net is a great, simple site with guides to workout moves and routines, even pilates.

4. Try something new – take an art class, try a new activity or enroll in an enrichment course at your local college.

Never stop growing and changing. Keep the spice of life by balancing your schedule with work, play and rest. To find something fun to do this weekend, check out Eventful.com, which provides information on concerts, festivals, and more – all in your area. Check out their Health & Wellness section to find healthy and fitness-related fun!

5. Find a fun buddy (NOT a diet buddy) to plan something fun each week to do together.

You will have that to look forward to and take your mind off of your worries. Also find a buddy to check in with throughout the day and ask each other how you are managing your stress and reminding each other to be gentle and loving with yourself.

6. Stay positive. When things are getting you down, make a list of things you appreciate in your life.

This can turn your mood around and eating won’t be so compelling. You can carry a small journal around with you and make a brief entry each time you feel like grabbing more snacks. Use your journal to keep track of your resolutions, too. Having it on you at all times will give you a chance to revisit your goals every day. Jot down accomplishments and good habits that you’re already grateful to have. Reflecting on these positive establishments in your life will keep you motivated to press forward.

7. Take breaks every day to sit quietly and breathe deeply. Setting aside time to collect your thoughts is crucial to avoiding stress and burnout.

This is necessary to maintain the focus you need in order to keep those resolutions! Deep breathing depends a lot on your posture. Throughout each day, readjust your posture when you can remember to – whether sitting or standing, a straight posture helps your lungs perform better. Focusing on long, deep breaths during exercise trains your lungs to perform better, too.

8. Use the Bach Flower Emotional Eating Support Kit to improve your body image, stay in control and stop repeating the same old mistakes.

The Bach Flower Remedies found in the Emotional Eating Support Kit – Cherry Plum, Crab Apple and Chestnut Bud – can help you enormously as you learn to treat yourself and your body with care, stay in control and stop the frustrating cycle of overeating, feeling awful and overeating more to medicate yourself. I have been amazed at how helpful these little drops have been for my clients. They provide an effective means of stopping mindless eating and staying more conscious and committed to your long term goals of joy, balance and radiant health.

About the Contributor

Denise Lamothe is an emotional eating expert, international professional speaker, clinical psychologist and doctor of holistic health.  She is the author of The Taming of the Chew: A Holistic Guide to Stopping Compulsive Eating (Penguin 2002), founding member of Jigsaw Consulting and has been noted in many publications, including “O” the Oprah Magazine.  She has appeared widely on television and radio and has spoken across the country and in Canada.  Dr. Denise is also the resident psychologist for Bach Flower Remedies.  She is located in Exeter NH and can be reached at 603-778-4814, www.DeniseLamothe.com or Denise@DeniseLamothe.com blog: www.chewtamers.blogspot.com

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