12 Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief

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Do you suffer from allergies every Spring? While OTC and prescription drugs treat the symptoms, they often have negative side effects. We know that natural remedies may be unfamiliar territory for some of you so Mambo decided to check out 12 all-natural, healthy prevention methods and cures to fight seasonal allergies.

1. Local raw honey

It’s called raw because it is not heated (also, some are not filtered or minimally filtered). Naturally antibacterial and antifungal, this wholesome, healthy sweetener isn’t processed, so it retains all of its natural properties. It can boost your immunity to allergens and to fight colds.

When you eat raw honey from a local apiary, you’re introducing your body’s immune system to the local plants’ pollen. When allergy season rolls around, you’ll have significantly less of a reaction (or none at all) because your body won’t go into battle-mode in the presence of a foreign invader. Instead, that local pollen will be familiar to your body already. Because of the way that this works, it’s ideal to start eating local, raw honey in Autumn and then continue year-round, but it’s never too late. Even if you just start now, you’ll get some relief from your seasonal allergies.

Besides that, local, raw honey is delicious and great for health. It also soothes sore throats and makes homeopathic tinctures taste better. Want to include some local, raw honey in your daily diet? Add some to smoothies, mix it into plain yogurt, drizzle it on oatmeal or whip it into cream to make wholesome, natural whipped cream. Use it to make sweet salad dressing, honey mustard or sweetened homemade nut butter.

2. Neti Pot

An ancient remedy for cleansing the sinus areas. Sore throat? Ear infection? Stuffy nose? These are all sinus cavities. The Neti Pot helps to clean out the impurities clogging up the sinuses and restore good health, providing relief for allergies, colds and sinus infections.

Feeling frugal? Make your own Neti Pot solution at home instead of purchasing one at a store. Try this recipe from Dr. James T. Li on MayoClinic:To make your own neti pot solution, simply dissolve 1/8 teaspoon of table salt into 8 ounces of distilled or purified water — which contains no chlorine or other impurities. You can also use tap water, as long as you bring it to a boil and then cool it to room temperature before you add the salt.

3. European herb Butterbur

This useful herb, when prepared properly, calms and soothes many sources of irritation in the body – including allergies and hay fever. Its remedial properties combat swelling and inflammation as well as calming muscle spasms (like sneezing and coughing).

4. Hyland’s Homeopathic Seasonal Allergy Relief

All-natural, healthy and safe for all ages, this remedy includes a variety of natural ingredients which soothe and comfort allergy sufferers without the side effects (like fatigue or hyperactivity) of conventional medicines. Learn more about the product on their website.

5. Stinging nettles

Make tea from the roots of nettles for allergy relief. Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract is also said to help relieve allergies for many people. Stinging Nettle leaves also make a delicious, creamy soup – check out this recipe for Nettle Soup!

6. Licorice root

Licorice root is soothing and has anti-inflammatory, allergy-fighting properties. Try it in tea. It’s 50 times sweeter than sugar – yummy!

7. Eucalyptus

Famous for calming coughs, sore throats and inflammation of tissues in chest and sinuses. This is what gives those soothing vapor rubs their effectiveness! Try cooling eucalyptus extract essential oil to open up the sinuses and relieve congestion so you can breathe easily.

8. Apple cider vinegar

This is a favorite of the natural remedies world. ACV is commonly used to treat sinus pressure and other ailments. It’s important to get organic because conventionally grown apples are loaded with pesticides.

9. Alfalfa

It’s been called the “father of all herbs” – flavoring and curing a wide variety naturally. But be careful – GMO alfalfa is becoming legalized by the USDA and, because of this plant’s nature, it will soon be difficult to keep genetic mutation out of the food chain. Buy organic to combat this major problem.

10. Goldenseal

An herb used for immunity support that also provides allergy relief. It’s naturally antimicrobial, so it won’t wipe out your healthy bacteria like prescription antibiotics do. As a supplement, it’s easy to take for good health.

11. Quercetin

Pronounced “kwair-suh-tenn”, this is a plant-derived flavonoid that many believe to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It’s part of nature’s coloring of red apples and red onions, isolated and made available as a supplement. Most importantly, quercetin has antihistamine action – combating allergies and even asthma symptoms. Take the supplement or eat red apples (with the skin, of course) and red onions (chopped and mixed with raw honey mustard dressing, yum!).

12. Allergy fighting foods.

Fighting allergies with food? It’s obvious that food makes or breaks our health, so it makes perfect sense when a German study found that those who ate Omega-3 rich foods, like cold-water fish, walnuts, flaxseed oil, grass-fed meat and pastured eggs, were less likely to suffer allergy symptoms than those who didn’t.

Another food tip – spicy ingredients like horseradish, chili peppers and hot mustard act as temporary decongestants. Thanks to Mother Earth News for these 2 food tips!

Another food to eat is fresh garlic. Mince it up and add to hummus or salsa, or spread on buttered toast – instantly boosts the immune system and fights any bacterial infection. Try this delicious fresh hummus recipe with raw garlic – add extra garlic for extra good health!

Whether you try one or all twelve remedies, you’re sure to be feeling better this Spring! Do you have a natural remedy that we’ve missed? Share it with us!

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