5 Easy Tricks To Eating Low-Carb

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Many people have lost weight and experienced health improvement as a result of following a low-carb diet. Forsaking sugar and refined carbs is a common sense way of losing weight and feeling better. (Did you know that sugar suppresses your immune system? It is very taxing on your liver, too. The worst part is that it’s addictive.) But it can be difficult at times. Here are five quick and easy tricks to sticking to a low-carb diet.

1. Stay satisfied! When you go too long without eating, you will start to crave carbohydrates. They fill you up fastest and “stick to your ribs”. Your brain might think you are starving in a famine and yearn for carbohydrates for the mere calorie density they contain. So make sure you’re eating often enough to keep those hunger pangs away.

2. Forage for fiber! Get plenty of fiber via fruits, vegetables, legumes and other non-grain plant sources. Steer clear of processed, packaged foods even if they claim to be low-carb or sugar-free. Often these items have additives which will upset your stomach. If you’ve got the urge to bake something, try using coconut flour, chickpea flour or another low-carb, all-natural flour. It’s easy to get enough fiber without resorting to high-carb grains, pasta and potatoes.

3. Watch out for sneaky sources! You have to double check sometimes for sugar, corn syrup and other sweeteners when you’re trying to eat low-carb and low-sugar or sugar-free. You never know where you might find added sugars or syrup. If you’re eating something that came in a package of any sort, just take a look at the carbohydrate and sugar measurements per serving. This will give you a good idea of which pre-processed foods are better for your diet and which are not.

4. Play with your food! Have fun with flavors, get creative in the kitchen, and look for out of the ordinary items when doing your grocery shopping. Variety is the spice of life! When you look forward to trying something new, you won’t feel like you’re on a limited, boring diet. Being bored and feeling too restricted can tempt you to cheat on your diet!

5. Listen to your body! Your body is always trying to tell you what’s going on. Many believe that our “gut” (digestive system) functions like a second brain in our nervous system! Either way, it’s important to stay aware of what’s going on in there. Don’t neglect your body’s needs for natural protein and fats. Keep strong with a balance of sodium and potassium for nervous system health. Exercise and sleep are also critical for your physical health. Being sleep deprived and sedentary are both ways to increase your cravings for carbohydrates and sugar. Fight those cravings naturally by taking the best care of yourself everyday.

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