5 Reasons to BYOB – Brew Your Own Organic Beer

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The Mambo Gang knows that you don’t always need a reason to drink beer. But we wanted to try our hand at brewing our own organic beer. After doing some research on home brewing, we found Seven Bridges Cooperative. Not only do they have great home brewery starter kits- their ingredient kits are USDA-certified. Needless to say, we were excited to start brewing.

We chose the Easy Brew Pre-Prohibition Lager ingredients kit. The kit had step-by-step instructions and everything we needed to get started, including organic hops from Germany, Belgium and New Zealand. For even more information, we checked out Seven Bridges online brewing class for extra knowledge on home brewing.

We had so much fun with this project that we decided to design our own beer labels. Some of us even decided to order a few brewing kits in order spread our own “organic” holiday cheer.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, here are five straightforward, eco-conscious reasons to BYOB. Not only will you be saving money, but you might just pick up a fun new green hobby!

  1. No Harmful Chemicals- If your beer isn’t organic, you are taking a risk at ingesting the chemicals used to grow the hops, apples, barley or grapes in your alcohol.
  2. Saving Money- Once you have all the equipment, the ingredients makes approximately 5 gallons of beer. No more wasting gas and time driving to store.
  3. Recycle, Reuse- You can ensure your bottles are recycled by collecting, washing and reusing them for your own home-brewed organic beer.
  4. New Green Hobby- A few local breweries got their start by turning their hobby of home-brewing into their own business. You just might be the next.
  5. Homemade Gift (that people actually want)- You made it, you love it and so will all your friends and family.

Cheers to you and happy brewing!

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