5 Reasons To Go Loco For Coconuts

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1. Coconuts are a traditional, whole food -  great for everyone, even the most sensitive diets, vegan diets and other limited diets.

As anyone who’s ever been stranded on a remote island can tell you, coconuts are a nourishing, sustaining food. Anyone who has done their nutrition homework can tell you they’re a great source of natural fiber, protein and unique medium-chain saturated fats which are very healthy and wholesome for you. Plus, anyone who has tasted a coconut can tell you that they’re delicious!

In many places around the world (especially places with access to the Pacific Ocean!), coconuts and coconut products are traditionally consumed for the great taste, versatility and nutrition that they provide. People have been eating coconuts and thriving for a very, very long time!

2. Coconut products are nourishing and nutritious.

Did you know that there are many ways of eating coconut? You can take a whole young coconut and drink the juice inside – it’s full of potassium, naturally sweet and hydrating. Or you can take a whole mature coconut and use the milk and sweet coconut meat in cooking or simply to eat.

Coconut oil’s wholesome and nourishing fat is unique in several ways. It is a traditional, unprocessed fat, unlike modern industrial oils, and it is also vegan. Lauric acid is the unique medium-chain fatty acid in coconuts – the same found in breast milk (it’s what gives babies that healthy, glowing, soft and supple skin and helps them fight infections and build a stronger immune system!). Coconut oil boosts immunity with its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties thanks to the lauric acid (also known as monolaurin) it’s made of. Complete, natural coconut milk (not skim) contains coconut oil so its nutritional combination is more powerful and it is a whole food.

3. The healing properties of coconuts.

Maybe the best thing about organic coconuts is that they have healing properties. Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and antifungal. Coconut milk has the ability to soothe and aid digestive processes. It is restorative to dry skin and can help with eczema because it is pure and gentle. And it helps to beautify skin, hair and nails with a healthy glow and gorgeous shine. Extra virgin coconut oil is clear as water at higher temperatures and, like all traditional, unprocessed fats, becomes semisolid to solid at room temperature. So when you place some into your hands in order to apply it to your skin or hair, your body temperature will melt it into liquid if it isn’t already.

Coconut water or juice is also antibacterial and helps to boost the immune system as well as fighting off stomach problems that are caused by bad bacteria. Because they’re completely natural, whole food sources like coconut water and coconut oil, unlike prescription antibiotics, will not harm the healthy bacteria that the body needs. Coconut water, like VitaCoco, naturally has the electrolyte balance that the human body needs to rehydrate – a healthy balance of salts and potassium to keep the nervous system going strong.

4. A versatile food.

Coconuts are versatile foods, too. At many natural food stores you can find gluten-free, low-carb, high-fiber coconut flour. You can also find coconut oil – look for extra virgin for the least processed, highest quality which is delicious in cooking and baking, and doubles as the best skin, hair and nail treatment without anything artificial!

5. Sustainable goodness.

If you’re a greenie, you’re probably thinking: “No respectable locavore is going to eat coconut unless they live in a tropical climate!” But it might shock you to know that coconuts are one of the most sustainably shipped products – naturally. Read Inhabitat’s post about the natural packaging that solves shipping problems cheaply and naturally! The way that organic coconuts are grown supports sustainable agriculture and you can get almost any coconut product fair trade if you are willing to look around. It feels good to buy fair trade products from tropical climates because you know you’re protecting people and the planet from the harm of unfair and unhealthy conditions.

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  • Coconut’s possibilities seem endless! Not only is it good as a dessert but you can also use it within the main course! I am just now realizing how beneficial they really are.

  • I’ve just started eating more coconut. The benefits seem amazing. It’s odd to think of coconuts being so nutritious, but the facts are definitely there.

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