7 Tips on Eating Well in the Winter Months

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Winter is time for family and comfort foods. Winter foods are abounding with warm flavors of pot pies, baked cheesy casseroles, sweet frothy drinks, and homemade desserts. As a lover of all things food, the idea of passing up a piece of my mother’s delicious pumpkin pie or a bowl of hot chowder is a crime.  What does a person do to stay healthy in the winter months while enjoying the bounty of wholesome comfort foods?

1. Keep Eating!

If you binge at a party don’t feel bad and starve yourself in the following days.  Remember that your body needs fuel everyday, so eat.  If you feel overly stuffed simply switch to a lighter vegetarian based diet for a day or two.

2. Get Moving!

If you are focusing on just the basic calorie-in-calorie-out of contemporary nutrition, then you need to move at least as much as you eat to maintain your weight.  Take time each day get your heart pumping, your body will thank you.

3. Remember Breakfast!

Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day.  Make sure you don’t skip this vital meal.  It’s important to eat in the morning in order to jumpstart your body and brain after a long night’s rest. Many people wake up feeling full.  If this describes you, try a smoothie or a cup of broth first thing in the morning and eat a larger meal an hour or two later.

4. Avoid Sugary Beverages!

Americans are consuming more empty calories in beverages than ever before.  Stick to water and a variety of teas for optimal health.

5. Focus on Fiber!

Don’t forget to consume high fiber foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains throughout the day.

6. Read Labels!

Food is not good or bad.  It is the quality of the ingredients that make something healthy or unhealthy.  Read, read, read those labels.  High quality foods have high quality ingredients. Don’t be fooled by fancy marketing.

7. Be Happy!

Having a positive attitude towards food and health can make a difference in a persons overall wellbeing.

Enjoy your food this winter!

Contributor Info:

Amanda Louden is a busy wife, mother, avid grocery shopper, food lover, and nutrition educator.  She combines traditional nutrition with a fast paced modern day life using an organized, practical approach. Eat Your Roots Nutrition Education and Advocacy was launched earlier this year in order to promote eating real, traditional, nourishing foods…just like grandma used to make.  Visit her website at www.eatyourroots.org
and Blog at www.mydailydiner.com

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