Fans Speak Up: Your Favorite Non-Dairy Ice Cream Treats

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.  Well maybe some of us really can’t scream for ice cream – with a high population of the world being dairy and lactose intolerant, not everyone can enjoy a nice scoop of cookies and cream.  Not to worry though, Mambo Sprouts won’t let you miss out on one of the summer’s most popular treats.

We asked and you answered. Here are some of the great alternatives to ice cream that you (our Mambo Fans) have picked as the best.

Turtle Mountain Products

You may know them as Purely Decadent, So Delicious and Soy Delicious.  These were by far your favorite picks.  With numerous flavors, they have pints of dairy free ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, bars and soy delicious pints. They’re organic and vegan friendly too!  Check them out at

Your ice cream shout out:

“I love So Delicious plain old Vanilla! It goes with everything, and it’s SO DELICIOUS.” – Jennifer M. from Vancouver, BC

“As a chocolate lover, I love So Delicious organic chocolate velvet – lives up to its name!!!” – Kate E. from Pottstown, PA

Good Karma Organic Rice Divine

With pints like Carrot Cake and Banana Fudge, who could resist these?  Not only are they dairy free but you don’t have to worry about wheat allergies with Rice Divine. They have sundae cups and chocolate bars too. Find the divine at

What you’ve been licking:

“We love Good Karma Mudd Pie! Dairy Free & Gluten Free & Yummmm!” – Veronica D. from Chicago, IL

“Good Karma’s carrot cake. YUM!” – Renee H.


This milk-free frozen dessert can be enjoyed in pint size, Tofutti Cuties and Stick Treats.  Your kids won’t be left out of the ice cream fun with these great lactose free desserts.  They have 12 different Tofutti Cuties sandwich flavors alone.  That’s a whole lot of choices! Count your flavors at

What has your tummy feeling yummy?

“For my three kids it’s Tofutti-Cuties mint chocolate chip!” – Christine S from Schenectady, NY

Crystal T. from Monterey Bay, CA loves her Tofutti!

Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss

This organic delight is not only soy, dairy and gluten free but uses certified fair traded ingredients and is vegan and certified kosher friendly!  With 8 great flavors it just doesn’t get any better. Taste the bliss at

What makes you say yum?

Tricia W. picked Mint Chocolate by Coconut Bliss~ yum

It doesn’t matter if you are lactose intolerant or not.  These great non–dairy ice cream choices are top notch and healthy too!   So get out those spoons and start screaming for ice cream!

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  • FrancineNo Gravatar

    Purely Decadent made with coconut milk chocolate and gluten-free cookie dough flavors are heavenly!

  • I agree with Francine, but also think newbie Tempt (by Living Harvest) which is made from Hempmilk, is unbelievable. It’s definitely my new favorite!

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