Get to know Chef Keith Snow of Harvest Eating

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Most of you know that Mambo Sprouts is all about healthy and organic food, and we are taking that commitment one step further by introducing our favorite chef, Keith Snow. You can now find Chef Snow’s delicious recipes in our recipe section. We asked him to tell us a little bit about himself and his website,

So, where did your passion for cooking begin?

Like many of us who love cooking, I started by cooking with my mother then helped a friend who worked at a restaurant and washed dishes for him while he was on vacation. I never left; I worked for 3 years in high school at an Italian restaurant in NJ. That is how I got my start at age 14.

How would you describe the role of local, seasonal, organic foods in your lifestyle?

Freshness, economic benefits, environmental benefits. To think about eating asparagus in December that has been flown in from South America, causing so much greenhouse gas to be emitted, really frustrates me. Instead of that asparagus, why not eat locally grown broccoli or winter greens, or eat asparagus that you preserved in late spring?  Seasonal cooking has so many built-in benefits, which is why I promote it and take part in its production by gardening at home. Organic food production helps protect the precious soils of our farmland. It also lets us enjoy food free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Can you help us understand the Slow Food Movement?

People are looking for a more traditional lifestyle where food is concerned, especially the pleasures of the table that are missing when people are hitting buttons on the microwave or eating fast food in the car. Sitting down and enjoying each other’s company while eating fresh food that we grew or purchased locally is what slow food is all about.

Any tips for those interested in cooking more organic and healthy foods?

Grow something yourself like herbs and tomatoes. Find your local farm market and buy seasonal foods. Come to our website, Harvest Eating, and learn how to cook with these foods.

There is a barn photo contest on your website. What is that about?

Being a huge lover of farms and living on a small farm, I am all about barns. The barn is the symbol of the American farmer, whom I view as a hero. I think that if we promote bucolic barn photos, we will not be so quick to let our farmland be turned into condo developments.

So what are your favorite recipes?

My favorite recipes are: Chopped oriental salad, grilled asparagus with sesame chive vinaigrette, slow-cooked collard greens, and macaroni and cheese.

Yum! Where can we find these recipes?

These recipes and more are on the Harvest Eating website. Also, check out my new cookbook. It is available for pre-order now. You can visit Harvest Eating to order. It will be on store shelves in late September, nationally.

So, you’ve got these organic spice blends available. Can you tell us about them?

We work with a California company which has two buyers who scour the earth for organically grown herbs as spices. We blend them into the best spice mixes anywhere. These spices help even novice cooks have incredible grilling experiences. Some olive oil and our spices on a grilled item like fish, chicken or steak can be a gourmet experience that anybody can create.

What do you have planned for the future?

We’ve got a lot to do here at Harvest Eating – I am promoting my book with many media appearances, demos and book signings. Also, launching my first television series starts to air in late October nationally and internationally. I will be promoting that as well. We have also just launched a new, improved website.

Thanks to Chef Keith Snow for the great introduction. We’re thrilled to have him around. Be sure to check out for great videos, recipes and information!

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