Is Love Fair? It is with Organic, Fair-Trade Chocolate!

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We’ve tasted a lot of chocolate here at Mambo, and there’s definitely something sweeter about organic, fair-trade chocolate. Maybe it’s something magical about the love hidden away in that chocolate – love for our bodies protected from dangerous pesticides… love for the planet… love for the cocoa bean farmers who were paid fairly and treated with dignity. Here are 3 reasons to LOVE organic, fair-trade chocolate.

Show Some Love for Your Health:

You know that organic is healthier. But aren’t sweets like chocolate already unhealthy? What difference does it make if it’s organic? Hey, trust us – it makes a huge difference! Many pesticides are used on non-organic cocoa beans. Hydrogen Cyanide? Methyl Bromide? These horrific chemical concoctions make our heads spin! The chance of ingesting even a trace of any of these dangerous chemicals makes conventional chocolate look totally unappealing to us – and that’s saying something. (Hey, we do love our chocolate!) Organic chocolate, on the other hand, is completely pesticide-free – so we can indulge, worry-free!

Show Some Love to our Beloved Earth:

It isn’t just our health that’s at stake! Those same pesticides are poisoning the local wildlife and the soil, too. Non-organic chocolate shows no love for the land! Plus, when cocoa beans aren’t grown using a traditional shade-growing system, it puts an expiration date on the land. It breaks our Earth-loving hearts! But responsibly grown chocolate is made from shade-grown cocoa beans. And the healthier the land where cocoa beans are grown, the better the taste of the final product! Now that’s yummy chocolate!

Show Some Love to Cocoa Bean Farmers Around the Globe:

We know that chocolate is made from cocoa beans. The farmers who grown the beans deserve to be treated fairly. Caring for farmers means choosing with our dollars to give them a decent wage and respectable conditions. We all deserve to feel the love, especially when it comes to chocolate! Fair trade is a guarantee that the chocolate we choose to buy is made by a caring company – one that’s doing the right things for farmers! Though we can’t thank them personally each time we taste their scrumptious cocoa, we can make sure that more of our dollars end up in the right hands.

Let our hearts be light this Valentine’s Day. It’s such a beautiful feeling knowing that by choosing organic & fair-trade, we’re showing love to ourselves & our loved ones, our planet and our far-away neighbors, too. It’s a win-win-win!

And speaking of winning, here’s how Mambo wants to share the LOVE this Valentine’s Day.

We want to give three of our beloved readers an Organic Chocolate & Coffee Pairing Gift Bag generously supplied by Equal Exchange! This kit includes a variety of organic, fair-trade coffee and chocolates (Packaged in a 100% Recycled Printed Gift Bag). Find more fair trade & organic products on Equal Exchange’s online store.

How to enter: Leave a comment on this blog post. Let us know how your Valentine’s Day plans include loving the Earth and you could win!

Want more chances to win? Here are three more ways:

1. Spread the word about this giveaway on Twitter and include #mambovday in your message

2. Blog about this giveaway and let us know by emailing the URL to your blog post to

3. Become our fan on Facebook and post a comment about your earth-friendly valentines day plans on our facebook fan page.

Enter by Feb 14th! Winners will be chosen and notified by email, on or around February 17th. Click here for official rules.

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1,270 Comments for “Is Love Fair? It is with Organic, Fair-Trade Chocolate!”

  • akNo Gravatar

    I’ll be visiting Stonehenge on holiday and trying to stay warm.

  • I skipped the gift wrap on my husband’s gifts. He was just as happy with his gifts. I saved the earth more useless clutter.

  • JoyNo Gravatar

    We are doing a “no-buy” St. Valentine’s day this year to not only save money, but save from accumulating more “stuff” and that saves our mother nature. Each year we also stay home, preventing pollution and saving gas and money. In previous years, my husband has bought me a rose bush rather than cut roses. It’s a gift that keeps on giving to me and to nature. We love our family so meals are always mostly organic, especially when it’s a special occasion. Thank you for the chance to win this delicious prize. :-)

  • MaboNo Gravatar

    Today is the day that I will amend my yard by trimming away overgrowth, I will put compostable vegetable and fruit peelings in the ground as a way to nourish Mother Earth. Lastly, I will harvest the small kale growings for a nice side dish for dinner and celebrate the good that we have.

  • Took my new puppy for a walk (from the no kill shelter). Fixed a great greek salad for lunch. Sent my son a organic tomato package instead of a card. This evening my valentine and I will snuggle in from the IL winter and watch something together.

  • kateNo Gravatar

    I’m giving a little Valentine to the planet by riding my bike around today. I bought Papermagic little valentines day cards. I feel a bit bad about the waste, but, they are produced domestically, and I believe that they are made with recycled paper. I am also giving out Divine Chocolate fair trade chocolates. I wish that Equal Exchange would make little fair trade AND organic treats to give out at Valentine’s Day – and similar ones at Christmas and Easter.

  • I visited my local farmers market and bought local, organic food!

  • RachelNo Gravatar

    let me tell you, I had plans today. But, my friend canceled on me this afternoon, then driving home from church today, my transmission blew…again. So, I feel that I deserve this chocolate basket because on this day of love, I feel like the world really hates me.

  • erin mcsweeneyNo Gravatar

    Today for my niece’s Valentines gift I got her the meyer’s childrens book on earth day….even at two she can learn about reduce, reuse, recycle.

  • LindseyNo Gravatar

    This year for Valentine’s Day my husband didn’t buy me cut flowers. Instead he bought me plants native to our area to replace some of the grass in our yard.

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