Omega-3 that tastes like dessert? Sweet!

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Even if you eat well, it’s likely that you’re not ingesting enough essential omega-3 fatty acids. Americans eat too many sources of pro-inflammatory omega-6 fats (corn, soy, sun-flower, and safflower oils; grain-fed livestock; processed foods) and too little non-inflammatory omega-3 fats (wild ocean fish, wild game, and grass-fed livestock). Since local hormones that control tissue functions are made from these fatty acids, this dietary imbalance leaves tissues in a state primed for dysfunction. To resolve this dilemma, we need to reduce our omega-6 intake, while increasing sources of omega-3s. The leading omega-3 products are flaxseed oil and purified fish oil.

Cardiovascular System

The US Food and Drug Administration now acknowledge the value of omega-3s for heart health. A mountain of irrefutable scientific evidence demonstrates the ability of omega-3s to reduce elevated blood pressure, undesirable blood clotting that triggers heart attacks and strokes, and sudden death from heart arrhythmias. Fish oil can also reduce high blood triglycerides.

Nervous System

The ratio of omega-6s to omega-3s is critical in brain tissue because that ratio affects communication among brain nerve cells to support optimistic mood and mental clarity. Fatty acid balance makes good communication easier. Fatty acid imbalance interferes. Mounting scientific evidence is revealing that a number of mental / emotional disorders may be prevented or improved with the help of omega-3 intervention.

Tissue integrity and function

Although omega-3 fatty acids are not anti-inflammatory in a pharmaceutical sense, correcting the omega-6 / omega-3 imbalance can help reduce inflammation tendency long-term. Thus, omega-3 fatty acids are indispensable parts of any holistic intervention to restore harmonious integrity to tissue that tends to be primed for damaging and destructive processes. Reducing this tendency in tissues throughout the body also protects the cardiovascular system whose artery linings can be damaged by these processes.

Obesity and Blood Sugar Management

Obesity and loss of blood sugar control are major millstones on the backs of many Americans. Interestingly, omega-3 fats are among those that put the least amount of fat on the body. Moreover, omega-3s may even help boost metabolism for better weight management. With respect to blood sugar control, reducing omega-6s, while increasing omega-3s, may help improve tissue response to insulin. Elevated insulin, due to tissue resistance to insulin, is an indicator of the loss of blood sugar control. Correcting fatty imbalance may help normalize tissue sensitivity to insulin.

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  • KellyNo Gravatar

    Why is it so rare to find multivitamins with the essential fatty acids?

  • BeckyNo Gravatar

    Can omega-3 products help balance people’s moods in individuals w/ multiple hormonal/body chemistry issues? I have hypothyroidism,hyperprolactinemia,metabolic syndrome,perimenopause, depression and anxiety. Also, doesthis product have apositive or negative effect on people prone to severe migraine? Do these supplements interact with any common medications – like grapefruit juice does?

  • deeNo Gravatar

    Does anyone know of any studies showing the effects of eating a diet with the proper balance of omega 3 to omega 6 on ADHD?

  • Is it true that you should only take omega 9 if you have insufficiency of either omega 3 or omega 6 or both? I know this too are reproduce by our own bodies, but is there any way someone can be allergic to it? what happens if you have insufficiency of this Omegas? is there a way to get overdose? if so what would be the symptoms?

  • ValNo Gravatar

    I’ve heard the shelf life after grinding flax seed is short – only a few days.Once you grind whole flax seeds, how long can they be kept in the refrigerator?

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