Protect Nature & Snack Smart!

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Craving a CRISPY, crunchy treat? We often get stuck between satisfying the urge to have a savory snack and the urge to choose healthy, natural foods. But smart snacking starts by knowing what’s good for you and your family.

Nutrition Comes First

When looking for a healthy and nutritious snack, try to find ones with wholesome ingredients that taste delicious and are better-for-you from a snack company that cares about your well-being.  Snyder’s of Hanover has selected some of nature’s finest ingredients for their EatSmart naturals line of savory snacks.

EatSmart, best known for its signature veggie crisps which are 40% less fat than potato chips and 40% less sodium than other veggie crisps, recently added a veggie stick to compliment the wildly popular veggie crisps.  Also new to the line are three mulitgrain items that are a good source of whole grains and fiber…Try multigrain cheese puffs, multigrain tortilla chips, or multigrain sunflower chips.  The tortilla chips are also an excellent source of ala omega 3’s with 50% of your daily value.

Respect the Source!

It’s essential to remember where our snacks come from – the land where they are grown. Protecting and preserving the land is something we consider when making a natural snack choice. When you choose EatSmart Naturals, you’re helping to support The Nature Conservancy, a nonprofit organization with almost 60 years of eco-history. The Nature Conservancy was founded in 1951 and has been protecting the Earth ever since. Using a science-based approach, they’ve guarded the integrity of more than 119 million acres of land and 5,000 miles of rivers! Because they partner with communities, businesses, governments, institutions and non-profit organizations, reaching around the world, they’re the only group positioned to specialize in both policy and land conservation. Their unique angle has made it possible to do an extraordinary amount of good for the planet! Read the inspiring stories here!

The Nature Conservancy’s commitments to the planet and its people are something we can be proud of supporting. It’s one more eco-minded reason to choose EatSmart Naturals the next time you’re searching for a natural snack. Check them out here, where you can download beautiful images of nature for your computer’s desktop background (just click on Extras).

Healthy Snacks for a Healthy Planet

Just as your health matters to us at Snyder’s of Hanover, so does the health of the environment. Committed to sustainability, we’ve reduced electricity, natural gas, and greenhouse gas usage and packaging, product and trash waste.  We’ve upgraded to high-efficiency light bulbs, meters to gauge electricity and water consumption while making sure to use as little as possible, lighter product bags for less packaging waste, and a fuel-optimized delivery system! We’re also NOW using product bags that are made from RENEWABLE MATERIALS for our ORGANIC PRETZELS, Variety Packs, and Lunch Packs.  We use recyclable materials whenever possible, like our shipping cartons which are made of 50% recycled materials. We sell food waste to farms for feed, use water-based ink on all product bags, and are constantly looking into alternative energy plans for our plants! In addition to what we’ve already accomplished, we’re committed to reducing energy, natural gas, and greenhouse gas usage by 15% each year and to reducing solid waste by 30% over the next 5 years!

Healthy snacking has never been easier – or tastier! Thanks to new EatSmart Naturals, we can satisfy our snack cravings while keeping it healthy. With the environment and nutrition in mind, fulfilling the urge to have a wholesome snack is natural!

This is a sponsored article, provided by EatSmart Naturals.

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