The Bone Ultimatum

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Note: This is an advertorial

In 2004, the U.S. Surgeon General rocked the medical community. America’s top doctor at the time, Richard H. Carmona, M.D., released the 2004 Bone Health Report, which warned that if we don’t change our lifestyle habits by 2020, half of American citizens older than 50 years of age would be at risk of fractures from osteoporosis.

Notice that Dr. Carmona did not say that those over 50 would be at risk of developing osteoporosis, but of experiencing fractures from active osteoporosis.  The report’s thesis statement—that widespread and serious bone health issues will likely happen at the relatively young age of 50—has worrisome implications…especially if 50 is the new 40.

How did this happen? Like most global health issues, several factors are combining to rob your body of healthy bones. While we tend to think of declining bone health as a consequence of old age, the stage is being set much earlier in life—even during the peak bone-building years of childhood and adolescence. The Surgeon General noted that “85% of adolescent girls and 65% of boys do not get enough bone-building nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D to support normal bone growth.”† Clearly the issue starts with the young. Optimum bone health—for young and old—is hindered by our diets and sedentary lifestyle. Where diet is concerned, consider this quandary. Our modern diet has become more reliant on meats and grains, while foods richer in calcium and other important minerals—such as dark, green leafy vegetables—have been sent to the sidelines.

We tend to think of bone health as it relates to the elderly, but bone health—and more appropriately bone mineral loss—should be a concern at all ages of life. So, if you are over 30, the age that is associated with end of the “bone growth” stage of life and the onset of normal age-related bone mineral loss, then the Surgeon General’s report should be particularly alarming to you. Thankfully, Dr. Carmona and his team of medical experts laid out a three-part plan to potentially reverse the alarming trends described in this report.

  1. Dr. Carmona noted that increased health literacy was vital to overcoming the issue. The idea behind health literacy is rooted in the fact that the disturbing increase in fractures due to low bone mineral density—especially among younger persons—had gone largely unnoticed by the general public. The thinking is that by becoming more informed, the public will gain awareness—and take steps to combat—the issue of declining bone health.
  2. Promote increased exercise for bone health. Regardless of age, exercise and physical activity are an important part of building and maintaining strong, healthy bones. A good all-around program that incorporates weight-bearing strength- and balance-training exercises is most desirable. Weight-bearing and resistance exercises are useful for increasing or maintaining bone mass, while balance-training may help with coordination and maintaining muscle mass, which can help prevent falls and resulting bone fractures.
  3. Dietary recommendations. The Bone Health Report specifically called for dietary changes to enhance health of our bones. Not surprisingly, the list of foods considered important for bone health reads like a list of the healthiest foods on the planet—and seem to be the very foods that are missing from many people’s diet: green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, dairy products and fish. Of course, many people looking to boost their bone health choose to supplement their diets. It is in this area that one of the most common myths associated with bone health is found.

The Calcium Myth

If you want healthy bones, all you need is calcium, right?  That is the sum total of many people’s knowledge of bone health nutrition. Thousands of manufacturers of calcium supplements would happily have you believe that first statement. That alone should make you wary. When thousands of companies profit from a single widely held belief, it’s probably time to question that belief. Here is truth. No calcium supplement, taken in the absence of other vitamins and minerals and without proper diet and exercise, has ever been proven in clinical studies to help you strengthen bones. The best that can be said is that calcium supplementation helps slow down or stop bone loss. While slowing bone loss is a great goal, it’s a far cry from making them stronger and healthier by increasing bone mineral density.

As you will learn, there are several factors that go into actually building bone mineral density or growing bone. The source of your calcium is a key factor. Did you know that most calcium supplements are ground-up rock or oyster shells? Of equal importance to the source of calcium are a host of other vitamins, minerals and trace elements that help calcium achieve its ultimate goal in the body.

The Grow Bone System†

There is good news on the horizon, however, for the millions of women and men looking to reverse normal bone loss that comes with aging. Garden of Life® is proud to introduce their new Grow Bone System with RAW Calcium™ and Growth Factor S.

Far from “just another calcium supplement” intended to reduce the risk of osteoporosis††, the Grow Bone System is intended to stimulate bone growth, increase bone strength and bone mineral density, and has been clinically demonstrated to do so.

The Grow Bone System starts with Vitamin Code RAW Calcium. Most calcium supplements come from ground-up rock: usually limestone. The RAW Calcium in the Grow Bone system is a patented form of marine algae known as algas calcareas.sp, which is ecologically harvested by hand off the pristine shores of remote South America. The algas calcareas.sp forms organisms the size of a tennis ball. It is picked up in knee-deep ocean waters, rinsed in fresh water, dried in the sun, and then milled into a powder. This is the only raw, organic, pure plant form of calcium that Garden of Life has ever found.

In addition to the raw, plant-formed calcium, Vitamin Code RAW Calcium also contains a host of other raw vitamins and minerals as well as live probiotics and enzymes:

  • 1600IU RAW Vitamin D3
  • 100mcg Vitamin K2 as RAW MK-7 from natto
  • 386mg of RAW Magnesium
  • Completely free of limestone rock, chalk or animal bone source Calcium
  • Gluten Free, Dairy Free, No Soy Allergens
  • No Binders or Fillers
  • Live Probiotics & Enzymes

AlgaeCal RAW is an ocean-derived raw, vegan, organic, whole food, plant form of Calcium naturally rich in 73 bone-building minerals and trace elements.

Raw Vitamin D, an important bone-building vitamin, is included in the amount of 1,600 IU per serving.† Vitamin D is vital to bone health and acts as a hormone to increase the absorption of calcium by up to 80%.†
Emerging research has also shown that vitamin K2 has important bone-health implications by ensuring that calcium gets to the bones where it belongs and not in the arteries, where calcium doesn’t belong.†
The second formula in the Grow Bone System is Vitamin Code Growth Factor S, which is a combination of important bone health minerals such as strontium, probiotics, enzymes and raw organic fruits and vegetables.†

Chances are that you have never heard of strontium. Strontium is a common element that is found naturally in your bones in trace amounts of approximately 100 micrograms in every gram of bone. Clinical trials conducted on strontium found it most effective at 680 mg per day—the same amount contained in Growth Factor S.

Take the Grow Bone Challenge† for Stronger, Healthier Bones. What Do You Have to Lose? Not bone anymore…


To take the Grow Bone Challenge, you’ll need to get a baseline DEXA scan to assess your starting bone mineral density.† Then you can start consuming Vitamin Code Raw Calcium along with Vitamin Code Growth Factor S daily, as directed, for a minimum of six consecutive months. Upon completion of the six-month protocol, you’ll need to have a second DEXA scan done to measure your results from the Grow Bone Challenge.† your bones are not healthier, stronger and denser after at least 180 consecutive days as evidenced by a full-body DEXA scan, Garden of Life will refund not one month, not two, but double all six months of your Grow Bone System purchase plus your out-of-pocket costs for both DEXA scans.† We want you to feel the confidence we have in this system. We make you this amazing offer because we’re assured of the Grow Bone System’s ability to build bone density.†

Some exceptions and restrictions apply. For full details, rules and requirements, visit

In a six-month randomized, open-label human clinical study, 176 women and men ages 18 to 85 consumed the ingredients in the Grow Bone System and followed a healthy eating plan and walking program. In just six months, participants experienced a significant verage INCREASE in bone mineral density of 2.8% as evidenced by before and after DEXA scans. Those participants who were deemed highly compliant experienced an INCREASE in bone mineral density by an amazing 3.7%

††Adequate calcium and vitamin D as part of a healthful diet, along with physical activity, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life.
†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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  • I agree with what you are saying about calcium. However the problem is that the calcium on offer is ground up chalk. Your body cannot use this. Also menopausal women their stomach acid changes to alkaline in 40% of people. So you need to have some supplementation. StarGate Nutrition are vitamins and minerals that you can absorb. One good natural source of calcium is actually fresh parsley.

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    you are the answer to our many questions and I will post this and site on OSTEOPOROSIS FOUNDATION–INSPIRE TEAM. I AM GLAD TO FIND YOU AND YOUR INFORMATION, ESPECIALLY BECAUSE IT IS UP TO DATE.!. THANKS.

  • It should have been made clear at the beginning of this article that it is an ADVERTISEMENT, not a commentary on the Surgeon General’s report or a balanced and varied viewpoint of solutions to the problem. This is classic advertising – the scientific endorsement, the instillation of fear, and the presentation of the ONLY possible solution to the problem. I do appreciate the nod given to the roles of nutrition and exercise, but two thirds of the article was devoted to promotion. If, as the Surgeon General recommended, health literacy is a key in preventing this health crisis, I will look for more balanced sources. I instinctively mistrust “Double Your Money Back!!!” offers.

  • Mambo TeamNo Gravatar

    Thank you for your insightful comment! We’ve decided to make a note on all advertorials from now on.
    The roles of nutrition and exercise are crucial in maintaining health. Thanks for helping to point that out!
    We are glad to hear that you are taking the Surgeon General’s advice and seeking health literacy. It’s a goal that we all share.
    Mambo Team

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