Why You Should Try Goat Milk Products

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Milk, cheese, yogurt, kefir… these are all products that come from cows, right? Well, while that’s true, it’s important to branch out and discover new things! Goats provide the same products with their dairy, and with a distinct taste and texture. Some may say that goat dairy is an acquired taste – if that’s the case, the acquiring doesn’t take very long! Try sprinkling goat cheese on a fresh, homemade pizza – delicious! Or drizzle goat yogurt over fresh berries with sweet honey and be amazed. We really like Liberte – their goat yogurt is smooth, silky and full of sharp flavor. You may find that the creamy tartness of goat dairy is a better choice for many dishes.

And did you know that goats have just one stomach, unlike cows with their four? This means that the way goat milk is produced may result in easier digestion for us! If the lactose in pasteurized cow’s milk gives you an upset stomach, try drinking goat’s milk. You may like it better than lactose-free cow’s milk. Goat’s milk does contain lactose, like cow’s milk. But it contains more vitamin A, Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium. And it is a great source of minerals and protein and it is low in fat.

You can find goat’s milk, cheese, yogurt and kefir in most grocery stores, but you might have to look around. For milk, yogurt and kefir, just look on the label for the word “goat”! For cheese, it may be a bit more difficult. Look for the words “goat”, “chevre” (French), or “capra” (Spanish). You can try it plain, with herbs, or in feta form. Just check the label to make sure that it is from a goat, not a cow. Some cheeses can have tricky labels. When in doubt, ask a fromager at the market when you are shopping. Look for unpasteurized for more complex, rich flavor.

You can also try goat ice cream, goat butter, and goat buttermilk.

Did you know that goat’s milk is also cherished for its skin-improving benefits? We love Zum and Canus products. Zum goat-milk-based soaps are naturally pH-balanced with your skin, so you won’t feel greasy or dry. And the healing properties of goat’s milk are harnessed in pure lotion, soap and bubble bath products from Canus. Pampering your skin and nourishing your body is completely natural with valuable goat’s milk.

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