For the Love of Trees: Arbor Day 2011

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Arbor Day 2011held on April 29is a nationally-celebrated observance that encourages tree planting and care.  Arbor Day began in 1872, prompted by the lack of trees in Nebraska. A pioneer named J. Sterling Morton proposed a tree-planting holiday named Arbor Day. It is estimated that one million trees were planted in Nebraska on the first Arbor Day. Due to J. Sterling Morton’s initial efforts, this day is now celebrated nationwide and in many other countries as well.

Why is Arbor Day important? Well, a national observance for trees is highly appropriate when you consider the many ways they benefit our lives. Trees improve our environment by increasing air and water quality, conserving energy, helping to control storm water and sequestering carbon. Trees increase property values, create wildlife habitat, and add beauty to any landscape. Arbor Day is one way to celebrate the importance of trees in our lives.

How can you celebrate Arbor Day? According to the Arbor Day Foundation, options abound, including:

How about something else that’s easy, inexpensive and a win for all concerned? By becoming a member of the Arbor Day Foundationpledging as little as $10you will be gifted with 10 trees that grow well in your vicinity. Or, if you wish, you can also choose to have the trees sent to someone else.

Another great option is to have the Arbor Day Foundation plant 10 trees in your honor in a forest in need. Our nation’s forests provide wood, habitat, clean air, and drinking water for millions of us. Your honorary trees will help preserve these precious resources for this and future generations.

Even if you simply talk with loved ones about this special day─cultivating love and respect for trees in your own family─you’re making a difference. Happy Arbor Day!

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