10 Tips for a Healthy & Safe Halloween

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A healthy Halloween – is it possible? Besides rice cakes and pencil sharpeners, what can you do? Since people don’t feel comfortable getting (or even giving) homemade treats such as caramel apples (a full serving of fruit!) anymore…we have found some great solutions! Check out our list of great ways to have a healthy Halloween.

We have solutions! Check out our list of great ways to have a healthy Halloween.

Tasty Treats, not Tricks!

1. Think there’s no such thing as good-for-you candy? Think again. Organic lollipops, gummy bears, candy drops: You can get delicious candy without chemicals or high-fructose corn syrup. Yummy Earth treats are also 100% organic, gluten-free, nut-free, kosher pareve and contain no artificial flavors. Take your pick of Roadside Root Beer, Freshest Fruit, Super Sour, Cheeky Lemon and many more. What about candy bars? Are any organic? Yes – and scrumptious, too! Crispy Cat dairy-free, gluten-free, organic, vegan, kosher and preservative-free candy bars actually taste better than conventional ones packed with mystery ingredients. A not-so-guilty pleasure (and not just for kids)!

2. Think outside of the candy jar! Handing out lunchbox-appropriate fun snacks is a great way to make Halloween a fun and healthy holiday. Try Pirate’s Booty, Original Tings, or Smart Puffs for a savory crunch that kids will love. Original Tings are vegan friendly, and all of these products are gluten-free. Or for a fruity, chewy treat, give out Clif Kid Organic Twisted Fruit – real, organic fruit in kid-friendly form.

3. Mmmm… S’mores! Get ‘em organic and made with whole oats, packed with simple sweetness. Clif Kid Organic ZBar has these Spooky S’mores for just this occasion. You can give them a try before they are no longer available.

4. Feeling guilty about that bag of Halloween candy you just gave out and have been picking on all night? We’re not talking about calories here, but the waste made by non-recyclable packaging regularly generated while snacking. To start making a dent in this waste stream, TerraCycle sponsored by Mars Chocolate has created a new program to  ”upcycle” that waste.  So you don’t have to feel as guilty about all the Halloween candy you will be eating and giving out, the wrappers will be turned into fashionable and eco-friendly products.  These candy wrappers will become a host of products, from notebooks and folders to purses and backpacks.  Click here to learn more about the candy wrapper brigade.

A Sweet Smile

5. With all of those sugary treats they’re sure to be eating, you can make Moms and Dads smile by giving out fun-colored toothbrushes – Preserve and Radius both make them from recycled materials. The Preserve Jr’s handle is made from 100% recycled plastic, including Stonyfield Farm® yogurt cups, and is recyclable when mailed back to Preserve using their postage-paid labels. Radius is a company specializing in toothbrushes and well-known for being sustainable. Their Kidz toothbrushes are ergonomically funky-shaped and come in six fun colors.

6. How safe do you feel using face paint for your child’s costume? Well, there is non toxic face paint available, if you know where to look. Many crafts stores carry Lyra face paint pencils, German-based and high-quality. You can also try Palmer’s face paints, which are non toxic and washable.

Speaking of Costumes…

7. No one wants to think about the resources that may have been wasted (or the empty wallet!) as a result of a newly purchased Halloween costume that will get just one year’s use. What to do? Make your own! Even if you aren’t handy with a sewing machine, you can still use your creativity to find an inexpensive, earth-friendly costume that your child will love. Root through your old things, hunt for items in the attic, check out the local thrift store, or use natural items found in your backyard. The possibilities are endless.

8. Trade up! Get together with fellow parents for a costume swap. Your kids are guaranteed not to wear the same costume twice, and no one has to pay a dime. Plus, no new materials will be used – benefiting the planet.

Most Importantly, Play it Safe!

9. Safety is number one. Your little trick-or-treater needs a few safety items for going out, especially if you aren’t chaperoning this year. Kids will love hand-powered mouse, pig, or cow flashlights from Green Home Environmental Store. They don’t require Earth-harming batteries, and they come in plenty of great colors. They’ll also love the Bright Guy, a penguin flashlight whose little penguin wing pops out for cranking when it’s time to recharge – another battery-free, kid-friendly alternative!

10. Brighten up the night. Even if your child is wearing a brightly-colored costume, make sure that they have reflective add-ons if they’re going to be trick-or-treating after dark. Reflective tape adheres easily to clothing and makes Halloween much safer!

Follow our tips for a safe and healthy Halloween so that your kids and neighbors can focus on having fun!

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  • Don’t forget organic juice and milk boxes as a great giveaway treat. The little ones will get thirsty after eating all of their goodies, so your juice box or milk box will be much appreciated as a treat and a great way to have the kids drink something healthier.

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