5 Easy Steps Toward Better Pet Nutrition

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Do you know what you’re putting in your pet’s bowl? Many of us never bother to check the ingredients. When we do, we find a lot of things we don’t even recognize! Pet nutrition is a critical part of your pet’s health. By informing yourself and paying attention to your pet’s needs, you can feed them the healthiest diet possible to fit their unique needs. Keep reading to find some great tips from our friends at Wellness® Natural Food for Pets.

1. Understand the differences between your pets.

Dogs and cats are very different, so why feed them similar types of food? Dogs are natural omnivores and need plenty of high-quality meat and fish protein and balanced veggies. Cats are mainly carnivorous by nature, so they require diets from animal food sources, berries and other highly-digestible ingredients with low magnesium and ash levels.

It’s essential to feed them everything their bodies need – without anything they don’t. What cats and dogs don’t need are soy, artificial ingredients, artificial colors or extra salt and sugar.

2. Keep them safe in the kitchen.

Did you know that there are a lot of foods that neither dogs nor cats should ever touch? Many foods that are good for humans can actually be deadly for pets. It’s dangerous to expose them to things like:

  • Chocolate, Coffee, Tea (anything with caffeine)
  • Onions, Mushrooms or Avocado
  • Grapes/Raisins, Fruit Pits, Sugar, or Syrup
  • Nuts, Nutmeg, or Yeast Dough
  • Fried foods, Xylitol (an artificial sweetener), or Drugs (like tobacco)
  • Raw Fish or Any Bones (except bone-shaped treats, of course!)

3. Become aware of special needs.

Some pets have food allergies. But how can we tell that they’re suffering? Here are some of the painful ways that food allergies show up in pets:

  • Stomach pain, indigestion, gas and bloating, diarrhea or constipation
  • Dry, sensitive or itchy skin
  • Hair (fur) loss
  • Chronic or recurrent ear infections
  • Skin infections, rashes, or scabs
  • Hot spots (heat in specific areas of the body)

Being informed will help you make the decisions that you need to, for your pet’s health – like finding the right food for their special needs. Carefully formulated, natural whole foods, like Wellness’ Super5Mix® Whitefish and Sweet Potato Recipe, are ideal for dogs with allergies. They contain gentle, vital ingredients for the best digestive care.

Relieving your pet’s pain is an urgent matter. The longer you wait to find out what your pet’s special needs are, the worse they can become.

4. Help your pet age gracefully.

Just like us, pets go through a lot of changes as they grow older! Before you know it, your dog or cat has become a “senior citizen”. It’s important to understand that aging pets have unique needs. Sometimes they need help maintaining their weight. They may have less energy, among other issues.

It’s important to adjust their nutrition as they age. They need food that includes vitamins and minerals for needs like hip and joint health and weight management, such as Wellness Super5Mix Just For Seniors for older dogs, or Wellness Healthy Weight Feline Dietary Solutions for senior cats.

5. Choose pet food carefully, because they eat the same food every day!

Unfortunately, so many conventional brands of pet food contain added artificial colors and high levels of sweeteners and salt.

If you want to try a brand of pet food that is made of all-natural, wholesome and real ingredients, we suggest you try Wellness® Natural Food for Pets. Wellness is a unique supply of whole foods, created in all-natural ways by veterinarians, scientists and animal lovers – with specific pet needs in mind.

What we really love about Wellness is its dedication to true nutrition. It’s about being more than natural. Each and every ingredient has a specific purpose for your pet’s diet. They’re the most talked-about brand of natural pet food online, and you can join the conversation. Check it out at WellnessPetFood.com.

Now that you’ve got your first 5 steps, it’s so easy to take better care of your beloved pet. You’ll soon find out how grateful they’ll be!

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