5 Keys to Greater Energy, Vitality and Healthy Libido

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Many of us seek more healthy energy each day, to work, play, enjoy family, and nurture loving relationships. However, daily stressors and obligations can leave us feeling overwhelmed at times, taking a toll on our ability to enjoy many aspects of our lives. How can you tap into more energy on a daily basis, to accomplish the things that really matter to you? It probably won’t surprise you to learn that natural vitality and a healthy libido are greatly affected by your diet and lifestyle choices. The good news is a few simple changes can make a big difference:

Lay a Nutritional Foundation

Despite our best intentions with our diets, many Americans may experience a nutritional deficit, especially during stressful times. This can also impact your love life, since key nutrients promote circulation and help enhance overall romantic enjoyment. Protect yourself daily by incorporating a comprehensive, full-potency, multi-vitamin/mineral formula containing all essential vitamins and minerals plus extra antioxidants. Also, consider digestive enzymes and probiotics to optimize your total nutrient absorption.

Eat Your Rainbow

Increasing your intake of fresh produce brings a host of benefits. While fruits and veggies are health boosters in general, they also nurture your virility by helping to reduce cholesterol and stimulate blood flow to all organs. Experiment with hearty entrée salads topped with low-fat proteins and lightly tossed with your favorite dressing. Have fun seeing how many colors you can incorporate with the abundance of produce available to you. For between meal snacks, try a frozen fruit smoothie, or keep veggie sticks and a crisp apple handy for a refreshing vitality surge.

Keep Carbs Complex

Minimizing refined carbohydrates will pay off in greater stamina and libido-boosting energy. A simple rule of thumb? Eat whole foods whenever possible. Think brown and wild rice, oatmeal, and whole grain breads and cereals. Unlike refined, white-flour based breads and sugary baked goods, these complex carbohydrates break down slowly and release glucose gradually into the blood stream, providing you with more sustained, long lasting energy.

Skim the Fat

Although high fat foods abound, scaling back to modest levels will improve not only overall wellness but enhance your vitality as well. In fact, low cholesterol, low fat diets are highly recommended for a robust libido. Too much fat can make you feel sluggish, and high-cholesterol intake may lead to clogged arteries throughout your body, restricting blood-flow and interfering with romantic desire. Instead, you might enjoy more beneficial fats, from olives, avocados, peanut butter, and whole nuts and seeds.

Move with Joy

Staying active is a major key to creating vibrant wellness and a healthy appetite for love. Not only will regular exercise boost energy, it also helps you better manage daily stress and remain positive, even if you are prone to the blues at times. This is vital, since both depression and excessive stress can greatly undermine libido. And of course, the added self-confidence you develop from getting fit—both from feeling and looking better—bubbles over into all other areas of your life.

By treating yourself to regular exercise, targeting whole foods, and protecting yourself with nutritional supplements, you really can tap into new levels of natural energy. Experiment with these changes gradually. Greater vitality and glowing romantic energy are right within your reach.

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