Give Your Home a Green Makeover

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When people think of sprucing up their homes and getting things in order, most conjure up images of nasty, toxic cleaning supplies and other harmful materials. However, there are many Earth friendly and Mother Nature approved products on the market; you just need to know where to look. We suggest testing out these tried and true tips and products.

  • Donate—Clean out the clutter and gather up any gently used clothes, toys, cell phones, household items and anything else that you can think of.  Donate them to a local charity or to families in need.
  • Recycle & Reuse—Make it a habit to recycle all paper products, plastics and glass containers. Be sure to check with your local township about their recycling rules. Become a member of freecycle ( and help keep “good trash” out of landfills. Also, try to think of creative ways to re-purpose and re-use items you already own. Your favorite pair of jeans that are suddenly too small? Make them into shorts! Or, round up a bunch of old, soft t-shirt and sew them into a comfy quilt.
  • Non-Toxic Cleaning-Replace all of your traditional cleaning supplies with safer, non-toxic versions. Some brands to consider: Seventh Generation, Sun & Earth, Method (Print E-Coupon for Method Products Here) and Clorox Green Works. Here’s a handy list of some other Earth friendly cleaning products, as well as a few homemade recipes:
  • Natural Order-Get your personal space in order, but with a green touch. Invest in storage and organization materials (hangers, laundry sorter, shoe rack, etc.) made from renewable sources, like bamboo.

Going green and organizing your home and life go hand in hand. They both help us to live in balance and harmony in our personal space that’s both functional and beautiful!

Have green organization tips to share? We’d love to hear! Post your ideas below.

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