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We see everywhere how the American public has a hunger to live and work in green, healthy spaces – and now a statistic coming out of the NAHB (the National Association of Home Builders) is an indication as to how hungry the public is.

Here’s the stat:

One thousand professionals in the building industry have taken the Association’s green training program.  They’ve taken the classes, studied hard, and passed the tests.  Now they’re certified to build structures as Green Professionals – ‘cuz they know their stuff.

In response to demand, the building industry has been offering greener materials and greener manufacturing of those materials, but with the release of this stat we see that the industry is increasing its response by training builders who are certified in best practices as well.  Green materials plus green practices equals healthier spaces to live and work.

The NAHB president was expecting the certification program to be popular, but adds…“This is phenomenal growth.”

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