Interview with Blogger “The Good Human”

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Blogs are an excellent way to spread the green news. So we interviewed one of our favorite bloggers, David, whose blog, “The Good Human”, regularly offers fresh tips, advice and news bits for green lifestyle aficionados. See what he has to say about his good green choices – and mistakes.

We asked: What is the single most important lesson you’ve learned along your eco-conscious journey?

David answered: I think the most important lesson I have learned so far is that people respond better to encouragement to “go green” than they do to being made to feel guilty about not doing enough.

We asked: How did you come to learn that lesson?

David answered: I used to be a little more harsh in my assessment of what others could/should be doing, but I changed my tune a few years ago after realizing that small steps and positive encouragement works much better. I know that I don’t want to be “guilted” into action, so I highly doubt it works well on others. Also have discovered just how easy it really is to be environmentally aware once you start doing it – it’s the getting started that sometimes takes the most effort!

We asked: What’s your favorite “trick” for living a healthy, green lifestyle on a budget?

David answered: Make your own cleaning products. With just a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s soap, some vinegar and some baking soda, you can pretty much make hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, and a general household cleaner. There are plenty of recipes for these cleaners all over the web, too, involving essential oils and other natural ingredients. But you really can make high-quality cleaners for use all over the house for just a few bucks.

We asked: Which aspect of your eco-friendly life are you currently most proud of?

David answered: I think I am most proud of what my site, The Good Human, has been able to accomplish since I started it about 4 years ago. I started it just as a place for me to jot down thoughts on issues I cared about – the environment, sustainability, politics, etc. But over time it has come to mean a lot to readers, too, and I believe has helped to encourage a lot of people to do more to help our planet out. At least a few times a week I get emails from readers telling me how the site has encouraged them to do more, and I couldn’t ask for any greater reward than that. I figure that each person can then in turn help yet another – and so it goes. It feels great to know that people really get a benefit out of the site every day.

We asked: What are you least proud of? Why and what are you considering to change about it?

David answered: I do let my readers know that I am not perfect in my “green-ness”. A recent post titled “Please Forgive Me, For I Am An Eco-Sinner” showed them that even though I write about the environment every day, I am not above doing some things in my every day life that no one would consider green. I think being honest is the only way to encourage people to do more, so I try to admit my “less successful” attempts at living a green life.

Thanks for the honesty, David!

We think David’s right about encouragement, not guilt, motivating real green change. What do you think? Share your green testimony with us!

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