Land of the Rising Sun Power

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Japan, the “Land Of The Rising Sun,” is also the land of rising intensity for supremacy in solar power manufacturing – and wherever there’s a lot of money to made, the competition will always be…shall we say, “high-powered.” Japan’s solar equipment suppliers – like Kyocera, Sharp, and Sanyo – are the world’s leaders, but when sales were looking promising indeed back in 2005, the government suspended all subsidies. Domestic sales plunged and German and Chinese companies came rushing in to take up the slack. But Japan is now seeing a new dawn in its domestic solar business: officials are now calling for “drastic” subsidies and tax breaks that will cut the cost of domestic solar systems in half. These measures come along with a national target of lowering emissions by a whopping 60 – 80% by 2050 and equipping 70% of all new houses with solar panels by 2020. …Seems Japan aims to seize the green leadership of the industrialized world – while taking good care of its corporations at the same time.

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