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In today’s world, it seems like it is harder and more expensive to live a greener lifestyle. Well, that is not always true. As always, Mambo Sprouts is on the lookout for great “green” deals. We keep our ears to the ground and our eyes on all things green. That’s how we discovered TerraCycle.

TerraCycle is one of the most exciting, innovative companies of our generation. So we sent our Recycling Guru and our Label Junkie over to see what the gang at TerraCycle is all about. And what this Recycling Guru found made her so happy that she might just change her title to UpCycling Guru. “Up-cycling” means reusing the trash that cannot be recycled in other ways. Looking for a new shower curtain or maybe a new pot for your plants? TerraCycle’s got it… and it’s all made from your own trash! Needless to say, we’re impressed!

When we first pulled up the car to TerraCycle – located in Trenton, NJ – we had our doubts. The building decorated with graffiti couldn’t have been the main office! Once we got inside and met with the two PR guys, however, we found a totally different scene. Office areas were tastefully decorated with upcycled trash and the walls were covered in graffiti. We thought it was really great that TerraCycle actually allows local graffiti artists to come in and decorate the place with their art (you can check it out at

As we began the tour, we were surprised to find that TerraCycle upcycles both used and unused trash. We’ll explain that better – so, when we buy a product, we don’t usually think much about the package that your product comes in, right? But mistakes happen in the manufacturing of packages that can make them unusable. Often, the manufacturer throws out thousands of rolls of unused packaging. (We think that’s just crazy!) Well, that’s where TerraCycle steps in. Companies from all over the country send them their unused packaging. By the looks of it, there is a lot – and they are upcycling it all!

TerraCycle is the kind of company that you wish you’d thought of yourself. It’s creative, imaginative and a really enjoyable place to work. It reminded us of a fun school project that happens to be helping to save the world – one upcycled juice pouch at a time. The next time we’re in the market for a unique gift, we’ll be checking out the TerraCycle inventory! We hope you’ll check it out, too. Think Upcycling…

Think TerraCycle!

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