Seventh Generation’s Million Baby Crawl

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Do you know what dangerous chemicals are lurking in your homes? There is more evidence now than ever that widespread exposure to chemicals can cause serious and adverse impacts on human health, particularly for children. We all want to see healthy families and less children prone to health problems like asthma, allergies and ADHD. That’s why we’re excited to see Seventh Generation’s new campaign – Million Baby Crawl to demand toxic chemical reform.

A scary fact:

According to Seventh Generation, the U.S. EPA has only required 200 of the 80,000 chemicals on the market to be tested since 1976! That’s one scary fact.

What are they doing about this:

Seventh Generation is leading the campaign to make homes safer for kids and lobbying for stronger laws on testing chemicals. They’ve partnered up with Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families to fight health problems caused by toxic products, especially for children. Learn more about the Toxic Chemical Reform Act.

What you can do to help

Fight for safe, healthy homes by joining the Million Baby Crawl. You can create your own little crawler and send him or her to Washington, D.C. to demand change! Or you can find a friend or loved one’s crawler to support as he or she crawls to the White House! And watch this very cute video – Baby on Soap Box.

Dig Deeper

Download a free copy of Seventh Generation’s Label Reading Guide to learn more about safe products. Get educated about how to read labels so you can understand the potential risks in many cleaning products. Be sure to learn more about Seventh Generation’s products, which are safe for you and the environment.

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4 Comments for “Seventh Generation’s Million Baby Crawl”

  • melindaNo Gravatar

    i try to live as green as possible but poor people and people on fixed incomes struggle with green living because alot of the products and foods are out of their cost range..example is my niece who just had a baby 1 month ago..her living conditions are horrible….i am doing what i can to help but the system that is in place to help people in need is so flawed. you are basically punished if you try to do the right thing…my soapbox thought is how do we make organic and green products for everyone and not just the wealthy

  • Jessica BuchananNo Gravatar

    I’m with Melinda!! We are a military family and we struggle with living a healthier lifestyle simply because it is very expensive and there aren’t enough coupons for actual healthy foods and not the ones that just say they are healthy.

  • MargeNo Gravatar

    Cleaning naturally and non-toxically is doable AND affordable–but it’s a wee bit more labor intensive. Here are some things one can do that DON’T cost a lot of money: use plain white vinegar instead of fabric softener. Cheaper by dollars AND it’s so much better for your clothing and, if you use one, dryer. I don’t use my dryer unless I absolutely have to. Clothing that is line-dried lasts longer, is fresher-smelling and the whites are whiter if dried in the sun.
    I use baking soda to clean and freshen things. I clean my drains with baking soda followed by vinegar and flushed out with hot water. Use the ‘Net to find green cleaning solutions that you can make yourself. A few of the basics go a LOOONG way!

  • DonnaNo Gravatar

    My husband, baby, and I live off of $1000 a month, and we don’t get any government assistance. It can be done, and more healthfully to boot! We cloth diaper (their are patterns online to make your own so it’s dirt cheap), use reusuable menstrual pads (I made myself), cook from scratch, make my own laundry soap, and realy really research all the deals available. I subscribe to a lot of email lists to show me deals. It takes a lot of work and time, but it can be done! Stay encouraged. A tip is to be on the organic and natural companies mail lists, and call or write them when you are very pleased or disappointed with a product. You often get coupons. For example, I received $50 in coupons for free naked juice one time for calling and saying my juice had gone bad well before the expiration date!

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