Organize Your Home With What You Already Have

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width=Clear out the clutter and get that “Chi” moving swiftly and peacefully through your home this Fall. Here are some simple and easy ways to organize your space without spending top dollars, and utilizing things you already have at your finger tips!

1. Boxes: Gather up old boxes you may have been saving (shoe, hat, postal, etc), and creatively decorate them with leftover fabric scraps or gift wrap. Attach an Index card to the front of the box and write a detailed list of the interior contents. These make great inserts on bookshelves, or in closets, and they can also organize your basement in a professional manner.

2. Luggage: If you don’t know what to do with all of the summer clothes, try storing them in suitcases instead of buying plastic containers that might off gas harmful BPA’s. Suitcases are a great place to store handbags, boots, clothes, books and seasonal bedding, while taking up little space under the bed or on a shelf up in your closet.

3. Jars: In addition to recycling your glass condiment jars, there are many uses for them in the quest to de-clutter your space. Glass jars can be cleverly decorated with anything from glued on tissue paper to mismatched buttons. Plain or fancy, they make a great home for storing all kinds of little things laying around that you might only use once a year. They can double as Tupperware, pet food storage, or even drinking glasses! Fill them with nuts and legumes, and they will add a nice touch to any countertop making it look organized and welcoming.

4. Baskets: Baskets help give the appearance of an organized house and they can spruce up any shelf while holding a myriad of things. Lining the inside with an old cotton shirt will help to contain any smaller items, and when the dust builds up, just throw it in the wash for a fresh look. Baskets also look great on bathroom walls to hold extra towels and soaps and they blend in with any décor.

5. Hooks: Over the door hooks make a convenient way to hide damp towels, robes, or this weeks dry cleaning waiting to go out, and they take up hardly any space. Installing a set of hooks on a with a piece of wood by your front door will also alleviate your search for keys, umbrellas, and mail waiting to be sent.

6. Horizontal/Vertical: When arranging books on a shelf, mix and match them in horizontal and vertical stacks for a more urban chic look. This allows the shelf to breathe and appear more organized at a glance. Stacking books of different widths is also a fun way to create levels that shows off nick-knacks and can highlight any collection.

7. Wall Space: Look around for empty wall space as a haven to hang pots and pans, tools, or anything that might otherwise be taking up needed cabinets and drawers. Creating a collage out of old cards, your kids’ drawings and paintings, or found objects is always a fun way to make interesting wall art that is both meaningful and functional.

8. Reshuffle: Look for areas in your home where the energy has become stagnant and piles of “stuff” are accumulating endlessly. Start here with a donation/recycle bag in hand, and commit to eliminating at least 5 items that are otherwise useless, dust collectors. Once the debris has lifted, change up that space by shuffling around the furniture or adding a fresh, bright accessory to highlight the flow.

 width=9. Recycle: As you go clear out all of those junk drawers, and old batteries pile up, make sure to recycle them. Your nearest Whole Foods Market recycles old batteries and your local government website will have local drop off locations as well. Utilize websites like and for items that will have use to someone else.

10. Cleaning: There is nothing that makes a space feel more organized than the fresh smell of lemon oil and a clean shine on the floor. Add a few drops of lemon essential oil in a warm bucket of water, and use a strip of an old cotton shirt to start the hands on cleaning process. Lemon oil not only cleans and disinfects, but it also brightens your spirit while doing so!

The flow of energy in any space is what sets the tone for our body’s rhythm and balance. Making sure your space is free flowing is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself at all times. It only takes a few hours and a little creativity to clear the clutter, re-organize your space, and establish new boundaries for your belongings.

Contributor Info:

Based in Philadelphia Pa, Darren and Jacquellyne are long-time grass roots settlers when it comes to the term “green living.” The foundation of their philosophy is that green living begins at home, which is what inspired them to create their business: Green Pad Living. Utilizing Darren’s carpentry skills as well as his passion for eco-friendly furnishings, Darren has created a line of “reclaimed furniture” that is not only free of toxins and VOC’s, but is also derived from 100% salvaged and sustainable materials. As a seasoned Naturopath and Feng Shui Consultant, Jacquellyne has become an expert on maintaining optimal health in their living environment through greening their home in the most basic and fundamental of ways. Both Jacquellyne and Darren believe that their true inspiration comes from their three children who continually remind them on a daily basis how significant each choice is that we make. They bring value and awareness into a world that is worth preserving every step of the way!

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  • I enjoyed this article–seems like most times I click on an article with this kind of title “….with what you already have” it often includes only a couple vaguely useful ideas and assumes we have all this useful stuff just sitting around. This article was more thorough and actually had some ideas I will try.

    Thanks for sharing these tips! I will repost.

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