6 simple GREEN ways to get rid of toxins in your home

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It’s time to open the windows and crack those doors because the air you are breathing at your home could be the most hazardous battle your body has to fight every day!  Levels of air pollution inside the home are typically 2 to 5 times higher than the air we breathe outdoors.  This is because most homes have become a haven for chemical cocktails that consumers buy into purely out of convenience and economics.

Everything from your dust mite filled carpet to your favorite fragrance scented candle is emitting carcinogens into the air and takes an average of 20 seconds to enter the bloodstream.  This is a huge red alert considering most homes have on average 20-30 toxic agents floating through the air at all times.

One of the biggest culprits…off-gassing! To keep it simple, off-gassing is the release of chemicals from building materials into the air, through evaporation.   It occurs in seconds and can last for years.   Just to name a few: carpets, flooring, paints, varnish, glue, furniture finishes, cabinets, sofas and the list goes on…  It’s no wonder that Asthma rates in children under the age of five have increased by 160% in the past 20 years!

Even if you’re not sure what is safe in your home versus what may be toxic, here are few simple tips to help safeguard your indoor environment and promote better levels of air quality.


1. Air Purifiers: Air purifying systems are a great way to reduce exposure to irritants and allergens while improving the air quality in your home.  Depending on how advanced the system is, most can filter viruses, bacteria, chemical gases, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), sulfuric gas and ammonias. Some systems can be built right in to the existing HVAC system, or an upright portable unit can be purchased that travels from room to room. ($160 – $950).  www.airpurifiers.com

2. Aromatherapy Oils: Diffusing aromatherapy oils such as Eucalyptus is a very easy and inexpensive way to freshen any space.  Eucalyptus Oil is a natural anti-bacterial agent that will kill germs floating in the air while providing relief and support for the respiratory system.  It’s the number one cleaning agent used in hospitals across Europe!  Instead of toxic household cleaners that contain bleach and ammonia, use a few drops of Lemon or Thyme Oil in a bucket of water and clean any space hassle free of irritating chemicals.   Pets love this too!  ($11-$20).   www.greenpadliving.com

3. No VOC Paint: When deciding to freshen up a room with color, instead of using conventional paint, choose paint brands that are labeled NO VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and are LEED certified.   In addition to eliminating the off-gassing of toxic agents, these paints are also easier to dispose of because they do not fall into the hazardous waste category. ($16-$45) www.mythicpaint.com

4. Eco-friendly furniture: Eco-friendly furniture and accessories are a big plus when clearing out the air and investing in good health.  Look for products made with materials from local, sustainable resources that are formaldehyde free and won’t off-gas toxic fumes from fancy finishes and hazardous materials.   Think recycled and think glass when accessorizing any space.  This will help keep costs down as well as create a simple, streamline look for any room.  ($15- $500)

5. Bathroom Accessories: You are what you breath, so be sure to invest in a high quality Organic Cotton or Hemp shower curtain liner.  Most shower curtains and liners are made of PVC, which off-gas over 100 toxic chemicals into the air immediately upon opening the package!  These VOC’s can alter the air quality up to 16 times above the hazardous limit and last for months in your bathroom.   So when you want to freshen your lungs and take your next deep breath in the shower, think about what the real benefits are to having a little Organic Cotton or Hemp by your side!   As for another  “bath-side” note, the body absorbs twice the amount of chlorine through the skin while in the shower in comparison to when you drink a glass of water.    Retire that old showerhead and invest in an efficient showerhead filtering system to cut the chemical cocktail!  ($65-$125) www.pristineplanet.com

6. Plants: On a final note, ridding our homes of toxic shockers couldn’t be more simple than adding a touch of natural greenery to our indoor space.  In addition to sprucing up a tired room, plants not only add a perk in décor, they also pleasantly boost the amount of oxygen levels we intake in our space.   Through photosynthesis and transpiration, plants will increase Humidity an Oxygen levels while simultaneously reducing the amount of toxins floating in the air we breath.  This is a fun and easy way to improve livability and create an indoor environment that promotes peace and enjoyment.  ($5-$50) Buy Local!

    It only takes a little shift in thinking and a small amount of time to make these simple changes that will raise the bar on levels of health and safety in our homes.  Remember: An Environmentally Friendly Home is a Happy Home, so begin right now with one simple step toward Transformation!

    Contributor Info:

    Based in Philadelphia Pa, Darren and Jacquellyne are long-time grass roots settlers when it comes to the term “green living.” The foundation of their philosophy is that green living begins at home, which is what inspired them to create their business: Green Pad Living. Utilizing Darren’s carpentry skills as well as his passion for eco-friendly furnishings, Darren has created a line of “reclaimed furniture” that is not only free of toxins and VOC’s, but is also derived from 100% salvaged and sustainable materials. As a seasoned Naturopath and Feng Shui Consultant, Jacquellyne has become an expert on maintaining optimal health in their living environment through greening their home in the most basic and fundamental of ways. Both Jacquellyne and Darren believe that their true inspiration comes from their three children who continually remind them on a daily basis how significant each choice is that we make. They bring value and awareness into a world that is worth preserving every step of the way!

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