A Whole New Level of Green

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If you thought you were truly green (like we did) check out these fascinating people who have taken being green to a whole new level and get inspired. We know we did!

One Dress for One Year

Dubbed the Uniform Project, one woman is wearing one dress for one year to promote eco-fashion. She has seven identical dresses (one for each day of the week) that she reinvents daily through handmade, vintage or donated accessories. She’s also raising funds for the Akanksha Foundation, a Mumbai-based nonprofit dedicated to giving slum children educational opportunities. Check out her site to donate to the cause or to donate accessories: http://www.theuniformproject.com

Sustainable Dave

Talk about extreme! Sustainable Dave-that’s what he calls himself-vowed not to take his trash out for one year! The idea came to him as he was throwing something away in the garbage. He realized that he wasn’t accounting for any of his trash; he was just making it “go away”. The thought came to him that if he couldn’t make his trash disappear, then he would actually have to deal with it. So, he vowed to not throw anything away for 365 days and see what his impact would be. Where is he keeping the trash, you ask? In his basement! At the end of every day he tallies up his trash and puts it in the appropriate place in his basement (garbage, recycling, etc). Explore his blog to get answers to the many other questions you probably have, like what he does about the smell! http://365daysoftrash.blogspot.com

Sleeping Naked

Vanessa Larquharson-author of Sleeping Naked is Green- challenged herself by spending one day each year doing something that’s better for the environment. The key; however, is that it’s a permanent change. What she did on day 1 she will still be doing on day 365, so that by the end of the year she’d be living as green a lifestyle as possible. Check out her impressive list: http://greenasathistle.com/green-listed/

Living Car-Free & Trash Challenge

Beth Terry has been car-free for over 20 years and she is now challenging the rest of us to go car-free for seven days. Not only is she doing her part to protect the environment, but she is also saving money (insurance, maintenance, gas, tolls, speeding tickets, parking tickets). Are you up for the challenge? Click here to blog about it.

Beth has also been collecting and tallying her own plastic trash for almost 2 years. She basically has 4 goals: to reduce the need for new plastic to be produced, to keep existing plastic out of waterways and landfills, to limit exposure to toxins that come from certain types of plastic and to educate others. Now she is asking the rest of us to rise to the occasion in her Show Us Your (Plastic) Trash Challenge.

Eating Down the Fridge

Washington Post food writer, Kim O’Donnel, posted a challenge to her readers to take a break from mindless food shopping for one week and only eat leftovers and other items in the pantry and fridge that would usually get ignored or tossed. The premise of The Eating Down the Fridge Challenge is that most Americans have enough stuff in their kitchens to live on for a while without buying any additional ingredients. The Challenge is a way to use only what you have, avoid waste, save money and come up with interesting recipes! The first Challenge was so successful that O’Donnel decided to make it a quarterly event. Join the Eating Down the Fridge Challenge group on Facebook for more information and creative ways to use that random can of pumpkin, rice cakes and other odds and ends.

Are you feeling inspired yet? Know of anyone else taking green to a new level? Feel free to share!

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