Allergy and L.I.D. diets for your pet: A Novel Idea

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Most food allergies or sensitivities are caused by grains or certain protein sources.  Allergy formulas or Limited Ingredient Diets™ are developed to eliminate most, if not all, grain sources— along with certain proteins that are commonly found in commercial pet food.  Carbohydrates or protein sources that are used in allergy formulas would be considered “novel” sources.

Rice and potatoes would be among the novel carbohydrate sources seen in different allergy formulas. These carbohydrate sources are highly digestible and aren’t used as often as corn or wheat in commercial diets. Proteins such as duck, venison, lamb or fish are also used in allergy formulas because they aren’t as frequently used in other pet foods such as chicken or beef.  Like carbohydrates, these protein sources would be considered “novel”.  When using a combination of both a novel carbohydrate and protein source in the diet it would be less likely that the animal will be sensitive to it.

Limited Ingredient Diets™ are commonly used in food elimination procedures, to determine what the animal may or may not be sensitive to. In order to evaluate possible food sensitivities, the Limited Ingredient Diet™ must be fed exclusively and given at least 4-6 weeks for best results. There are recent studies that suggest extending the trial up to 12 weeks for better results. Only after evaluating results, when using a Limited Ingredient Diet™ or elimination diet can a food allergy be diagnosed or excluded.

Jennifer Freeman,B.S., R.V.T Animal Nutrition Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc.

7 foods your pet should avoid

Most humans can’t resist giving their pets tablescraps from time to time. While it is usually harmless, it is very important to remember that there are certain foods you should NEVER feed Fido.

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