How to Avoid Post-Holiday Blues

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As you look back over the holidays, you may be amazed at all you accomplished─including shopping, cleaning, gift wrapping, cooking, entertaining, socializing, and more. In short, a whirlwind. In the midst of it all, you might have felt that if you could just make it through on all cylinders, you could relax and decompress afterwards.

However, while the post-holiday period is a relief, it can also be a huge anti-climax, leading to the blues─or worse. Though clinical depression should be addressed professionally, these tips can help you combat normal feelings of post-holiday let-down.

Identify the problem

If you feel a bit low, remind yourself that a slight feeling of loss is natural after such an intense, merry burst of shared celebration. Give yourself permission to feel a bit sad if need be, so you can then move on from there.

Savor the memories

Reflecting on your wonderful experience can help you transition from celebration mode to quieter daily life. You might journal about it, or gather pictures for a special 2011 holiday photo album. You could also create a fun scrapbook incorporating the holiday cards you received.

Stay connected

The cheery, collective holiday experience is largely about bringing people together. And that’s something you can continue, starting with writing thank you notes, e-mailing, or calling those who helped make your celebrations so special.

Plan an event

When you feel the time is right, consider planning an event to bring some loved ones together. That could be a mid-January brunch, wine tasting, hike, or themed potluck. Thinking in these terms is a heart-warming reminder that joyful gatherings can occur any time of the year!

Get active

Occupying yourself with healthy activities like exercise is a top cure for the blues. If you’re social, schedule yoga, Pilates, or spin classes. If solitude is preferable, get some new work-out DVDs or get back to nature hiking, jogging, or whatever you enjoy. You’ll be amazed at how much it helps.

Cultivate new interests

If you need a lift, why not dig into that new craft, hobby, class, or other pursuit on your bucket list? This may be an ideal time to get the adult education class schedule, pull out your sewing machine or sketch pad, practice a Cuban menu for a future dinner party, etc.

Bring on the self-care

If you need nurturing more than goal setting, treat yourself to a massage, new outfit, fun day trip, lunch with friends, long nap, new book─whatever healthy treat feels good to you.
As you can see, once you identify the problem, solutions abound, See what works best for you and stay positive. 2012 may well be your best year yet!

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