How to Recognize Fair Trade Products

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If you like the concept of fair trade─a market-based system that ensures better trading conditions for producers in developing countries─you may want to choose fair trade options over others when given the chance. Fortunately, more stores are carrying fair trade products than ever before, and there are numerous on-line sites as well, offering items ranging from coffee and tea, to body care products and apparel, to home décor and jewelry.

Fair Trade Worker in Textile Factory

How will you recognize fair trade goods? All you need to do is look for the Fair Trade Certified™ label, which is now found on over 10,000 products throughout the United States. This label is more than a mere seal of approval; rather it’s the end result of a rigorous global inspection and monitoring system. When you purchase Fair Trade Certified™ items, you can rest assured that the farmers and workers producing the labeled goods were paid fair prices and wages, work in safe conditions, protect the environment, and earn community development funds to empower and improve their communities.

Third-party certification provides important credibility. According to a GlobeScan Study, 73% of consumers that are familiar with the Fair Trade Certified™ label also trust it. Please note though, that while the term “Fair Trade Certified™” will stay the same, the old graphic is being replaced with a new design─the first update since 1998. However, you’re still safe with the old label while the new one is being phased in, since the message is the same.

The good news is that while both labels represent the same rigorous standards, the new label design is a global certification mark, and as such, can be used in any country in the world. This opens up countless new possibilities for more socially just and environmentally responsible buying and selling across the globe.

Learn more about fair trade, the new logo, the “Every Purchase Matters” campaign, and find resources for numerous fair trade product categories here: Here’s to a fairer world!

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