Mambo Staff Holiday Traditions

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Holiday Traditions are a part of all of our lives. From family dinners to charity work, big or small here are some Holiday Traditions from us all:

JoAnn – Mambo’s Double Trouble Mama
Cutting our Christmas tree down has become a tradition in our house. For the past five years now, my husband and I go to our friends’ house for breakfast and then we all go to a tree farm to pick out and cut down our tree. It’s always a fun time and I’m especially excited this year as our twins will now be part of the tradition.

Kim – Mambo’s Label Reader
My tradition when I was younger was to leave Milk and Cookies out for Santa. My Mom and I would bake cookies, and leave the fresh baked cookie with a glass of milk for Santa and sometimes we’d include a note. First thing in the morning I would race downstairs to see if the milk and cookies were gone then I’d look under the tree. This is a very special memory to me. Now that my kids are toddlers and have an understanding of Santa we’re going to share this tradition with them. Can’t wait!

Penthy – Mambo’s Nature Lover
My holiday tradition is Ponche de Creme (Punch with Cream). It’s a traditional Christmas drink in my country of origin, Trinidad. I’ve enjoyed this drink every year for as long as I could remember and have continued the tradition here in the United States. Ponche de Creme is similar to Eggnog and is very delicious!

Laura – Mambo’s Hybrid

Every year my dad and I go into New York City to see the Christmas tree and all the craziness that occurs since it is my favorite time of year, filled with lights and decorations. We make a day of it, we take the train in, see the tree, walk around Rockefeller Square, mosey on over to Saks and see the window displays and then walk through Macy’s and get 10 samples of perfumes and colognes we would most likely not buy. We then grab a hearty meal at our favorite Irish pub and then head home with a special treat from a bakery we passed by… Or a burnt pretzel and hot chocolate from a grease cart! Since my dad moved down to South Carolina I will be continuing the tradition with someone new this year!

Tracy – Mambo’s Snow Bunny
My family tradition is to shoot off a homemade air cannon. We make a game of this by shooting out prizes. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to recycle old toys. Plus, the little kids love that the toys are raining down from the sky! For the grand finale we shoot out hotdogs and glitter!

Christine – Mambo’s Shoe Collector
Every year on Black Friday I wake up, make some mimosas, blast Christmas music and decorate the house and Christmas tree! I look forward to it every year and it’s my official kick-off to the Christmas Season. This year I’m excited to share this tradition with my Fiancée and daughter (She won’t be participating in the mimosas- of course)!

Maria – Mambo’s Recycling Guru
From the moment Holiday music starts to play on the radio it’s all I listen too! My friends and I call each other to make sure we’re all listening everyday until December 25th! Each year it seems they start to play Holiday music earlier and earlier….which I love! It just makes the Holiday so much more fun.

Taralynn – Mambo’s Chandelier Extraordinaire
Every Thanksgiving my uncle plays Coming to America by Neil Diamond before we eat Thanksgiving Dinner. The song’s theme is a positive interpretation of the history of immigration to the United States. I never understood why he played it when I was younger but now I find it quite funny.

Sarah – Mambo’s Fitness Junky
My holiday tradition has always been listening to my grandfather tell us Christmas stories about Santa. We never heard the classic stories about Santa coming down the chimney or about the elves in the workshop. My grandfather had his own stories that were always exciting and funny. One about Santa having such a long beard it got caught in his bicycle wheel, another story about how he use to sneak behind the couch when Santa came and got his pajamas caught on a nail. These stories always got us ready for the holidays.

Now that you’ve read Mambo’s favorite holiday traditions, share your family traditions with us on our Facebook wall!

Happy Holidays!

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  • In our house, Christmas Eve reigns supreme! We gather at my parents’ house in South Carolina with family and friends, head to our church’s Christmas Eve service–where we sing carols, share bread and coffee in the Moravian tradition, and visit joyfully with long-lost friends–and then head back home together. There we have a delicious Christmas Eve supper: some years it’s been homemade pasta, this year it may be a Mexican feast–whatever we feel like! When I was a child, Santa called on the phone and all the kids lined up to hear where he was in the skies above our state. We drink wine, exchange gifts, drink more wine, and are sure to take a “family” photo to commemorate the year.

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