Mambo’s Spring To-Do List

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Spring is in the air well at least here at Mambo it is. March 20 is the first day of spring and we can’t wait to start wearing flips flops and sipping cool drinks. Especially the great drinks from Zevia. We’ve been sipping on Zevia for the past couple of weeks…and want to share them with you. Mambo is giving away eight (8) 6 packs of different flavors from Zevia.

To enter all you have to do is comment on this blog post by telling us what is the first thing you will be doing when the weather turns warm besides enjoying some Zevia!

Mambo’s Spring To Do List:

  1. Lose the winter coats/layers and get outdoors and do something fun! (i.e. picnics)
  2. Flip Flops, flip flops, flip flops. Who doesn’t love the sound of flip flops and especially wearing them.
  3. Heading to the driving range to work on our golf swing!
  4. Cleaning out the garden and start planting seeds.
  5. Walks in the park with family, friends, and let’s not forget our dogs.
  6. Going to the zoo.
  7. Taking a drive with all the windows down.
  8. Go for a leisurely bike ride.
  9. Some of us will be sailing as soon as it is nice and the wind is good. Many people might find this a little ambitious but it’s surprisingly a lot of fun and so many people love to do it!
  10. Sitting outside on the deck and  just enjoying life.

We can’t wait to see what you will be up to this spring. Maybe we will even add it to our list.

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840 Comments for “Mambo’s Spring To-Do List”

  • Carla HNo Gravatar

    I will be walking more (for charity as well as for my own personal pleasure).
    I will also be going to more outdoor events and taking my lunch to the park.

  • DanVNo Gravatar

    I’ll be going to the park with my kids

  • ColleenNo Gravatar

    Open up all the windows and air out my stuffy house!


    Start working out and cleaning my house.

  • LizNo Gravatar

    I will scrub out the fireplace and open the windows!

  • DonnaNo Gravatar

    I plan to sit outside and watch my dogs play in the yard.

  • allieNo Gravatar

    Clean the garage and play in the garden!

  • DanielleNo Gravatar

    Opening up all the windows and letting that fresh air come in!

  • DylanNo Gravatar

    Will be wearing flip-flops!

  • I think you should use more images on your blog, but besides that, it is really great. Cheers.

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