Mambo’s Valentine’s Day Awesome Gifts You Can Give Someone You Love Without Being Cheesy List

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

We know some of you would say this is a made up holiday, but hey we love holidays here at Mambo! I mean we celebrate National Hug Day. Something else we love at Mambo─making lists. So this Valentine’s Day we have decided to make The Awesome Gifts you can Give Someone you Love without being Cheesy (i.e. Big Bear with a box of Heart Chocolates) List. If you are feeling a little love towards Mambo feel free to buy us anything on our list. Did we mention we love gifts too?

Christine, Mambo’s Love of all things Baby, really wants a Nook Color, the ultimate reading experience. So Mr. L we couldn’t give you a bigger hint of what your sweetie wants this Valentine’s Day. I mean this saves trees and has instant access to books. Knowledge + Trees = CC + AL sitting in a tree….

TaraLynn, Mambo’s Love of all things Hilarious, is taking a completely different approach this Valentines Day. She wants a Vegan Tofu Zombie. With the zombie craze hitting the airwaves who wouldn’t want a Zombie. The fact that it’s a vegan zombie just makes it the best of the best in Zombie world. So this Valentine’s Day give the gift that keeps on eating. Vegetable eating that is.

Maria, Mambo’s Love of all things Warm, really, really wants a Tankless Hot Water Heater this V-Day. We know weird right. Wrong. We mean who wouldn’t want a Tankless Hot Water Heater. It saves the earth, it save you money, and it makes hot water. It might just be the most romantic thing out there─warming hearts all over the world.

Tracy, Mambo’s Love of all things Grown, is planning on a gift for the warmer weather this Valentine’s Day. She is asking for a garden plot in a Community Garden. With a little sweat and love, she will be munching on her very own vegetables by this summer. This might be one of our favorite gifts here at Mambo. Just add some seeds and garden tools and your loved one will go veggie crazy for you (and not in a Tofu Zombie kind of way).

Penthy, Mambo’s Love of all things Comfortable and Stylish, wants to start rocking the Pajama Jeans. Everyone seems to want to walk around in their Pajama pants nowadays, so why not do it in some style! Penthy said she would definitely wear them if they looked good on. So Mr. Cupid you better find her a great, stylish pair of pajama jeans this Valentine’s Day.

Laura, Mambo’s Love of all things Yummy, is going to start her Valentine’s Day off right with a Heart Shaped Pancake Breakfast. What better way is there to show your love for your special someone. Put some fruit or chocolate chips in them to make it extra special. If you’re watching your carbs, try making a love filled omelet instead! Now that is true heart love.

Well there you have it folks. Mambo’s Love of All things Gifts. We hope we helped you guys and gals out a little. I would bet your loved one is guaranteed to love something on this list. If not…maybe you should just stick with the usual chocolates-organic chocolate that is. Happy Valentine’s Day from the Gang at Mambo Sprouts.

Be Love, Be Green, Be Cupid.

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