National Bake and Decorate Month

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When did you last break out your cake pans? If you’re overdue, National Bake and Decorate Month─observed each October─is a splendid occasion to do so. Across the United States, people are encouraged to try their hand at baking and cake decorating all month. Amateurs and professionals alike enjoy fall baking, which is also great practice for the holiday season.

Now, if only baked goods could be both delicious and good for you. But wait─they can! With a few clever innovations, you can give beloved favorites a nourishing update. You caen even create gluten-free treats with ease. So, where to start?

How about muffins, which are ideal for breakfast or quick snacks, especially when they contain some protein to keep you going long and strong. Find great recipes here. For healthier cookies and cakes, visit here and here.

You can also “bake for good,” using your homemade treats to raise funds for a worthy cause, or to cheer up house-bound seniors, hospital patients, or anyone in need of a lift. There are few individuals or organizations that wouldn’t appreciate tasty, hand crafted muffins, bread, or scones.

Gluten sensitive folks will be especially grateful, as they miss out on many traditional goodies. For terrific gluten-free baked good recipes, visit the following: and here.

Ready to try your hand at fancy cake decorating? It’s easier than you think. Let baker and author Liv Hansen for Betty Crocker Kitchens show you how here.

For healthier icing and frosting options, check out: and

You’re now well armed to assemble a host of beautiful, healthy delicacies. Enlist the kids too for some creative family fun. Happy National Bake and Decorate Month!

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