10 Budget-Conscious Tips for Going Gorgeously Green

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Maybe you buy organic produce and you’re recycling everyday. But what about your hair, skin and nails? Think of all of the products in your bathroom. How well are they working for you and for the Earth? Would you believe that a supply of eco-conscious products doesn’t have to cost more than one of conventional products? Here are 10 tips for going gorgeously green on a budget.

1. Don’t stress. You may have a lot of products that are not as eco-friendly as you’d like. However, throwing them away without using them would be simply wasteful. Taking your time, use your products as you normally would, without stressing about the decision that you made when you purchased them. But when a product is used up, replace it with an eco-friendly product instead. This way, you can pace yourself and make wiser choices.

2. Identify your beauty basics. “It can be hard to choose from the vast array of organic beauty products on the market, thanks to the explosion of green/natural brands. First, identify your beauty basics and what you need in your personal routine. What do you want to spend the most on—facial care? Hair care? Body or bath care? There are many organic brands available that won’t break the bank.” shares Mary Bemis, co-founder and editor in chief, Organic Spa Magazine. “I like bath and body care from Burt’s Bees (Fabulously Fresh Peppermint & Rosemary Body Wash is a personal favorite) and Dr. Bronner’s (the citrus soaps and Lavender Coconut Organic Lotion for Hands & Body in particular)—both offer a variety of price-friendly natural and organic options. Also, when it comes to organic brands, essential oils are key—identify which are favorites of yours—that helps in the elimination process. Keep it simple: For example, my two favorites are lemon (anything citrus-y) for its uplifting quality and lavender for its relaxing and soothing qualities.”

3. Use bar soap instead of liquid to save money and packaging waste. To salvage those little scraps that are so difficult to use get a netted soap saver. This will allow you to practically make a whole new bar of soap, without the waste.

4. Buy quality over quantity. Choosing to invest in a few worthy items rather than gather many lesser items will benefit both your health and the Earth. Choosing fewer, high quality products mean less packaging, less mystery ingredients (parabens, phthalates, and talc – oh my!), and less worry. Be sure to check out Skin Deep - http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com- a safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products brought to you by researchers at the Environmental Working Group.

5. Use mineral makeup. Mineral makeup typically lasts longer throughout the day, eliminating the need for a touch up. Many of them are available in a multifunctional form that can be used on different areas of the face. Read more about mineral makeup – Mineral Magic: Why makeup made from rocks is rocking the cosmetics world

6. Invest in pure and simple ingredients such as essential oils, honey, fruit and beeswax that can be used in beauty treatment preparations. Doing it yourself will save you money and the stress of wondering about what’s in your products. Here are some DIY spa ideas for less than $25!

7. Let it be. What does your hair look like when you let it dry naturally? Have you embraced going out in public sans makeup? Can you bear your nails to go bare? While there’s no need to make yourself uncomfortable, trying out different ways to minimize your beauty regimen will save time, not to mention money! Sometimes non-action is the best action, giving your hair, skin and nails a chance to rest and recuperate.

8. Host a beauty swap party. Chances are, you have friends with similar interests (and perhaps similar bath and body needs) as your own. Sometimes you buy certain products that just don’t work for you. Instead of throwing them away or letting them expire, invite your friends over for a beauty swap party. Remember, only swap products that are sanitary (for example, never swap used mascara, deodorant, etc.)

9. Enjoy a little taste of the organic spa everyday by lighting an all-natural candle (like soy), pouring a cup of organic tea (jasmine, anyone?), listening to your favorite, low-key tunes, and simply soaking your feet in hot water (maybe mixing in some essential oils or Epsom salts). It’s a great way to feel pampered at home everyday, wherever it fits into your schedule.

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Here are some additional tips:

Why should you choose an organic spa over a “regular” one?

“Because you care about what you put into and onto your body—and that should extend to the spa experience you choose. Make a conscious choice in this category, as well—your body and mind will thank you for it!” says Mary Bemis, co-founder and editor in chief, Organic Spa Magazine.

What Should You Look for In An Organic Spa?

Here’s Mary’s tip on what to look for when choosing an organic spa: What brand of skin care products are they using? What sorts of tea/coffee/drinks and food are they offering? Do they use organic cleansers when it comes keeping the facility clean and towels and robes washed? Are the robes and slippers made from natural materials? If it’s a new spa, was it constructed with green materials? Does the spa have a good recycling program in place? Does it “walk the talk?”

Check out Red Mountain Resort & Spa in St. George Utah

This organic spa incorporates green principles in all aspects of the spa experiences from growing herbs for use by the Red Mountain Chefs to using dim lights at night to protect the night sky to using Davines hair care line, which since 2006 has contributed to reforestation of areas in Costa Rica and Italy. The Sagestone Spa & Salon at Red Mountain has a menu of treatments using indigenous items from Utah including honey, creosote, cactus blossoms and prickly pear cactus. Their most popular treatment is the Eco Escape Organic Facial, which is an organic treatment that invites you to escape to authentic and comforting nature and that restores all the benefits of nature to moisturize, de-pollute and reveal the natural radiance of the skin. For more information, visit www.redmountainspa.com.

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