3 Tips for Beauty Safety – Not Sacrifice

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Most women are familiar with the phrase “Beauty is pain.” Whether it’s walking in stilettos or squeezing into the perfect outfit; we sometimes make great efforts for beauty! The pursuit of beauty, it seems, has always involved a cost, both physically and financially.

But as we’re seeing more natural beauty solutions emerge, more of us are paying attention to the ingredients we’re applying to our bodies. Many of us are making changes in our beauty routines as a result.
We were surprised to find out that some of the most common products are posing serious health risks… and we have to wonder if the benefits are worth it.

The True Cost of a Tan:

Most people are now aware that sunbathing can cause skin cancer. But the ingredients in sunless tanning products can also be dangerous.

  • Artificial fragrance: the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database (SDCSD) lists as causing neurotoxicity, allergies and immunotoxicity.
  • Parabens, chemical preservatives known to cause organ system toxicity, irritation and allergies.
  • DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is a color additive identified by the FDA as a potential health risk when it is exposed to the eyes, nose and mouth. DHA is unapproved by the FDA as an all-over spray or mist, such as in airbrush tanning booths.
  • More about airbrush booths: The FDA states that they have “received reports from consumers stating that they have experienced adverse events associated with sunless tanning, including rashes and, primarily in the case of spray tanning booths, coughing, dizziness, and fainting.”

What’s Worse Than Cellulite?

No one wants it, but almost everyone has it. Of course, there are countless products available to make it disappear. But few of them actually work, and many of them are doing more harm than good.

  • Aminophylline is a common ingredient in cellulite creams. It’s actually an approved prescription drug used to treat asthma. You may want to think twice about this one – the FDA warns of a potential allergic reaction to Aminophylline in cellulite creams.
  • Parabens and artificial fragrance are repeat offenders in these products.
  • BHA, a preservative known to cause endocrine disruption, allergies and immunotoxicity.

You can find solutions for cellulite without harmful ingredients on the internet and in retail stores. Investing in a body brush can also help with cellulite. Body brushes stimulate circulation and smooth skin texture. However, the most effective treatment for improving skin tone and texture is a nutritious diet and exercise.

Perfect Lashes for a Price

Every brand promises to transform ordinary lashes into voluminous, long, curly perfection. But many of these products contain harmful ingredients.

  • Many types of mascara contain aluminum powder – which the SDCSD rates as a high hazard. Aluminum powder is a cosmetic colorant and can cause cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity and allergies.
  • BHT is another repeat offender.
  • Yet again, parabens and artificial fragrance! We don’t understand why these are all so common if they rate as high hazards on the SDCSD scale.

As consumers, we are in control. We all have the power to educate ourselves and make better choices. The SDCSD and other organizations have made it their mission to inform us. Visit www.cosmeticsdatabase.com for more information on cosmetics and other personal care products.

More Information


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Contributor Info:

Gwendolyn Smith, founder and president of Beautevanna.com, an online natural beauty boutique and gift service. Gwendolyn is a certified Aromatherapist, specializing in the formulation of Aromatherapy products for well being.

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