Treat Dad to Something Different this Father’s Day…Spa Ideas for Less Than $25

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Father’s Day gives us a chance to honor our fathers for everything that they do for us.  So, naturally we want to give dad the best day ever. However, our budgets may not allow for gifts of spa rejuvenation. No worries, you can still create an enjoyable spa day for dad at home.  Here are a few ideas to help dad unwind with tropical sea treasures; they’ll cost less than $25 and take less than 25 minutes to make.

Guys may not like to admit it, but they do want to take care of their skin.  If you give them something they can easily incorporate into their regular routine, they’ll think it’s worth a try, right guys?
Start off by designing a gift certificate describing dad’s special day.  Be creative, name the day whatever you wish. Here’s an idea of what dad will experience: An Invigorating Sea Salt Body Polish, a Sea Salt Therapy Bath, an Invigorating Hydrotherapy Shower and nourishing Coconut Oil Hair Treatments.

You can find the ingredients needed for these treatments at your local health food store.  Stores like Whole Foods sell both fine sea salt and coarse sea salt. The virgin coconut oil is available at Whole Foods and Aromatics International,, which has a fine selection of natural oils and butters. Loofah bath mitts are available almost everywhere now, your local pharmacy, Whole Foods.  Or you can support a sponging merchant and purchase the loofah from a famous sponging town, Tarpon Springs, FL,

As for the packaging of your gifts, visit a local arts and crafts store like Michael’s, there you’ll find the gift basket and bottles for the sea salt body polish & therapy bath.  Use the container that the coconut oil comes in for the hair conditioning treatments and redecorate. You may also try looking for a gift basket at a local farmer’s market.

Complete list of ingredients for Dad’s special day:

  • 1 Natural Loofah bath mitt or pad, ($1.50-$3.00)
  • ½ cup fine sea salt, (bulk-$1.00-$1.50)
  • 8 ounces of virgin coconut oil ($5.99-$8.00)
  • 1 small gift basket ($2.00-$4.00)
  • 24 ounces of coarse sea salt ($2.00-$2.50)
  • Measuring cups from home. If you do not have measuring cups you may want to borrow from a neighbor or friend.
  • 1 small glass bottle to store the Sea Salt Spa scrub ($1.00 or less), make sure the bottle is big enough to hold about a cup-8 ounce. If you have glass jars at home or tea tins, use them for storage and redecorate, this will save you money and allow you to reuse an item you already have.
  • 1 medium to large sized glass bottle to store the coarse sea salt (Sea Salt Therapy Bath) ($1.00-$2.00), bottle must be large enough to hold 24 ounces (3 cups of coarse sea salt.

Sea Salt Spa Scrub

  • How to: Combine ½ cup of sea salt and a little less than ¼ cup of virgin coconut oil into a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly.  Pour mixture into one of the bottles you bought at the craft store, or jar you had at home. This smells wonderfully tropical.
  • Copy these Instructions for Dad’s Sea Salt Spa Scrub: (place instructions in Dad’s gift basket or on scrub if you have labels).  Apply scrub in the shower, using soft circular motions. Apply to elbows, hands, knees and feet and any other rough spots. Rinse completely. Repeat scrub once a month.
  • Scrub Benefits: Exfoliates and removes dull skin and rough spots.
    Approximate time it takes you to make: Three to four minutes

Sea Salt Therapy Bath

  • How to: Take the 24 ounce bag of coarse sea salt (3 cups) and pour into second bottle you bought and decorate with your own label.
  • Copy these Instructions for Dad’s Sea Salt Therapy Bath: Start a warm bath and pour coarse sea salt into the bath.  Relax and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the sea salt for 15-20 minutes. Follow with Hydrotherapy Shower to rinse. Repeat bath when needed, during times of stress.
  • Benefits: Relieves stress, relaxes
  • Approximate time it takes you to make: Two to three minutes.

Sea Salt Foot Bath-For the dad who does not bathe

  • How to: Use 1 cup of the course sea salt and pour into a bottle and decorate.
  • Copy these Instructions for Dad’s Sea Salt Foot Bath: Take the coarse sea salt and pour into a half filled warm tub.  Soak feet for fifteen minutes. Afterwards, rinse feet with cold water. Use the foot bath as needed to relax and relieve stress.
  • Benefits: Relaxes, Relieves stress
  • Approximate time it takes you to make: Two to three minutes

Invigorating Hydrotherapy Shower:

Give Dad instructions on how to recreate this spa favorite in his shower.
  • How to: Copy these instructions and place in Dad’s gift basket, roll into a scroll and secure with leftover ribbon in the house, fabric, or whatever you have.
  • Instructions for Dad’s Hydrotherapy Shower: Alternate hot and cold water for several minutes each, finish with cold water. Do this during a 10-15 minute shower. Hydrotherapy shower may be done on a weekly basis.
  • Benefits: Invigorates, detoxifies, refreshes
  • Approximate time it takes you to make: Two to three minutes to design the scroll.

Coconut Oil Conditioning Hair Treatments:

Dad may want to apply this treatment during the Sea Salt Therapy Bath or Foot Bath.
  • How to: You will have 6 ounces of virgin coconut oil remaining after you make the scrub.  You can leave remaining coconut oil in the same container it came in and remove the old label and redecorate.
  • Instructions for Dad’s Coconut Oil Hair Treatments: Pour a small amount of coconut oil into the palm of your hand. Slowly massage oil into scalp and hair, use more oil if necessary.  Do not saturate hair with oil. Wrap a towel around your head for 15-20 minutes, rinse and shampoo.  Shampoo may be repeated to remove excess oil. Use oil treatment once a month.
  • Benefits: Softens, moisturizes
  • Approximate time it takes you to make: The time it takes to decorate the container.
    It’s easy to re create the spa experience at home and design a relaxing father’s day ritual for dad.

Remember, if you already have some of these ingredients at home, you’ll save even more.  This is a special opportunity to let your dad know you appreciate him and want to give him a day of rest, relaxation and well being.

Note:  Do not use or give to someone with allergies to nuts or salt.

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Gwendolyn Smith, founder and president of, an online natural beauty boutique and gift service. Gwendolyn is a certified Aromatherapist, specializing in the formulation of Aromatherapy products for well being.

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