How to Pack a Green Backpack

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Back to school means going back to school shopping. Crazy days are filled with trips to the mall to find the perfect first day of school outfit and hours are spent fulfilling the “school supplies list.” This has heavy-footprint-on-the-Earth written all over—but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Green is in this year. Send your kids back to school in style with environmentally friendly (and teacher approved) products. Check out these simple tips:

1. Recycle. Go through your kid’s school supplies and see what you can salvage from last year. Unused (or slightly used) notebooks, binders, pens, pencils, erasers; just about anything. Even school uniforms can be recycled and passed down to younger siblings.

2. Purchase Earth friendly school supplies. Start with recycled paper, cardboard binders, soybean crayons and sustainably harvested wood pencils. Most retailers carry eco-focused gear; just check out the labels. Online sites, like, make it simple to stock up on green supplies,

3. Pack your kids lunches in reusable lunch bags. Some can even be opened up to provide a sanitary placemat. Let your kids pick out a cool lunch bag from this site:

4. Did you know that 60,000 gallons of gasoline would be saved a DAY if just 6% of drivers who live less than one mile away walked to school instead? If your kids are too young to walk to school, cut back on car emissions and pollution and organize a car pool with parents. If your kids are older encourage them to walk with a group of friends or ride their bike to school.

These are just a few tips of how you start the school year off on the “green” foot, but there are many more ways that you and your kids can be socially and environmentally respectful. Sit down with you family and make a list; see how many ideas you can come up with. Make this the greenest year ever!

Mambo Sprouts knows how important it is for kids to eat a well-balanced, healthy lunch. Just in time for back to school, the Lunchbox Tour will be visiting the Denver/Boulder area beginning August 14 distributing healthy product samples that would be perfect for any kids’ lunchbox. In addition to the FREE samples, you’ll receive coupons and information on each product. Look for us at your local King Soopers and Whole Foods Markets, as well as at schools, events, museums, parks, concerts and more! Be sure to check out the schedule for more details!

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